July 22 2019

Balanced Nutrition

Host Kimblerly King joins Ken Babal to discuss Balanced Nutrition! The foods we eat can determine how we feel- including whether we feel energized or sluggish. Ken Babal has a clinical nutrition practice in Los Angeles and is a consultant to the Natural Food and Supplement Industry. Tune in to learn what foods will help you feel good throughout the day! 

July 08 2019

Weight Loss

Join host Kimberly King as she sits down with Kristi Acuna to discuss weight loss! We're halfway through the year and it's time to check in on our weight loss goals. Kristi Acuna is a holistic nutritionist specializing in natural healthcare; she designs specialized nutrition programs for her clients. Tune in to learn how you can get to your ideal weight!

June 24 2019

Dental Health

Join host Kimberly King as she sits down with Dale Audrey Unger to discuss Dental Health! A self described oral fitness coach, Unger practices dental hygiene and also formulated her own natural oral care line. She aims to educate consumers on the importance of their oral care. Good dental hygiene involves more than brushing twice a day, so tune in to learn more ways on how to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best!

June 13 2019

All Things CBD

Join host Kimberly King as she sits down with Dr. Rob Streisfeld to discuss CBD! Dr. Striesfeld is a doctor of naturopathic medicine as well as a passionate consumer advocate and educator. CBD is currently the hottest trend in the natural foods industry; tune in and learn the latest on this growing industry.