June 12 2020

Keto Diet

Join host Kimberly King as she discusses the Keto Diet with Katie Chin! The Keto Diet has been popular over the last few years - learn how you can do the Keto diet and stay healthy as the weather heats up. Katie Chin is an award-winning cookbook author, television chef, blogger, and US ambassador to Women's Entrepreneurship Day. Tune in!

May 29 2020

Plant-Based Meat

Host Kimberly King joins Megan Wroe to discuss Plant-Based Meats! With lots of meat alternatives on the market, are consuming them better than the real thing? Learn what options are available and how to make one yourself! Megan Wroe is a Registered Dietitian with a background in Nutrition Education and works at the St. Jude Wellness Center. Tune in!

May 01 2020

Plant Based with Melissa's Produce

Host Kimberly King joins Robert Schueller from Melissa's Produce to discuss all things Plant Based! Lots of people have been transitioning to plant-based foods; learn more about produce and some expert produce picks for a plant-based diet! Robert Schueller is the Director of Public Relations for Melissa's Produce and has been given the title of "Produce Expert" among National Consumer and Trade Publications and radio and television personalities. Tune in!

April 03 2020


Host Kimberly King joins Dr. Allan Sosin to discuss the Coronavirus. The coronavirus is dominating the news these days- learn how you can help keep yourself safe and sane. Dr. Sosin is the founder and Medical Director of the Institute for Progressive Medicine and has been practicing medicine for over forty years. Tune in!


March 16 2020

Dental Hygiene

Host Kimberly King joins Dale Audrey to discuss Dental Hygiene! Today we're discussing oral care and dental health and how it relates to the coronavirus. A self described oral fitness coach, Unger practices dental hygiene and also formulated her own natural oral care line. She aims to educate consumers on the importance of their oral care. Tune in to learn more!

March 12 2020

Immunity- Common Sense Strategies

Host Kimberly King joins Glen Depke to discuss immunity! The coronavirus has been in the news for weeks now and we're here to give you some common sense information on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Glen Depke is a traditional naturopath who has been living the natural health lifestyle since 1985 and has been in practice since 2001. Tune in!

February 28 2020


Host Kimberly King joins Dr. Virginia Von Schaefer to discuss Autoimmunity! Cold and flu season is still hanging around, so taking care of your immune system is even more important these days. Learn how your autoimmune system could be stronger- even if you're battling cancer. Dr. Von Schaefer is a retired Vascular Surgeon at the Center for New Medicine in Irvine; she now provides bio-integrative consultations to patients and also joins the staff at Cancer Center for Healing. Tune in!

February 11 2020

Heart Health

Host Kimberly King joins Heather Schwartz to discuss Heart Health! February is Heart Health Month- take a look at how you can take care of your heart through both good nutrition as well as emotionally. Heather Scwartz is a licensed Psychotherapist with an MS in Clinical Psychology, and she currently works as a Clinician at St. Jude Medical Center. Tune in and learn more!

January 23 2020

Detox for Gut Health

Host Kimberly King joins Kristi Acuna to discuss Detox for Gut Health! It's always a great goal to eat healthy, but we all have cheat days... so it might be time to detox your gut with a cleanse! Kristi Acuna is a holistic nutritionist specializing in natural healthcare; she designs specialized nutrition programs for her clients. Tune in! 

January 15 2020

Gut Health

Host Kimberly King joins Dr. Daniel Roney to discuss Gut Health! A lot of our digestive issues begin with the gut, and those problems can affect many other parts of the body. Dr. Roney is a Chiropractor of Functional Medicine at the Center of New Medicine in Irvine. Tune in to learn how to keep your gut healthy!