Vision Care

September 1st 2018

In this edition of the Mother's Market Radio show, our own Kimberly King will chat with Chris Speed, of Wiley's Finest, about vision, vision care, how it deteriorates over time and what you can do about it.

The advice and informational content does not necessarily represent the views of mother's market and kitchen, mother's recommends consulting your health professional for your personal medical condition. Notably, king and welcome to the mother's market Radio show, a show dedicated to the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the human conditions. On today's show, as we grow older, our vision changes and our need to support our eyes become much more important, so listen close and find out how you can get better vision, but later will tell you what's new at mother's market and what's going on around town, but first step, Christopher speed is a dietitian who has worked in a variety of clinical and wellness settings where his ultimate goal has been to translate the difficult science of nutrition into the familiar language of food, and we welcome him to the mother's market radio show. Chris, how are you?

I'm wonderful, thanks so much for having me here today.

Thanks for being here. Why don't you fill our audience in a little bit on your mission and your work before we get to today's show topic... Yeah, look, I have the great privilege of representing a wonderful brand while he's finest, while he's fines being really renowned as a company that wants to support people's optimal health outcome, and whether it be from joint pain to the assurance that a particular nutrient and support eye health or high health, we believe that's our responsibility to give it to them in the best possible and the highest quality manner.

That's wonderful. Today we're talking about the how to improve your vision, and that's the subject manner and Chris, we've always needed vision support or have we always need a vision part, and it was just a recent phenomenon.

Yeah, we've always required it, the eyes are very, very sensitive, and they do require the input through food of important things like fatty acids, omega 3 EPA, DHA is... If we didn't have DH, for instance, in our diet, we wouldn't be able to see... It's the nutrient that allows our brain to tell our eyes what we're perceiving, it's extremely important, little another nutrients that really act to protect the eye and the part of the Isha the macula consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables is a really good thing because it has Litani that, and Lucene gets concentrated in the macula of the guy. Where you need to protect from the adverse effects of sun and UV and the things high MG blue, right. lats changed in our daily lives that increase our need for... I support the very fact that people just don't consume enough, written vegetables, very few Americans, most western citizens don't follow any enough, so because we're not getting it in that format, supplementation really an important thing to think about. And then even within the fruit and vegetable realm, we're eating not that big, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and that obviously limits the overall nutrient density that you're gonna get from that plant-based Dory protocol.

Right, I think we typically think about salad, but not necessarily the variety of the very... And if you're just using iceberg lettuce, it's really not gonna contribute the same level of density of leucine and and other important nutrients in say spinach or a ruler or some other more consisted plant-based option, a lot of water in that, that's the true story of a British pilot of a World War One taking Bill Berry for their eyes. Yeah, that's exactly a wonderful story. In fact, it was used for a lot of pilots who wanted to protect their eyes from the adverts glare, and they wanted to improve their ability to focus when they were up in the fatigues and defending the nation, and they would just consume Millbrae, which is very native to United Kingdom.

And they found that when the more they consume, the less clear they had and the more the better their eyes were performing as pilot... What does a bill bearing... Is this native to those... Yeah, it's like a little bit like a strawberry, it's just a different type of berry that's native to a lot of Europe and in particularly in the UK, and if you ever grew up in the UK, you grow up with Bill Berry, January concerts, and it's just a very common, very a part of the world. And so were the, I guess, did they know that... They read about this.

I did, it was... They did know that what we ate from a carotenoid standpoint, and in this instance, the anthocyanins that are in the bill berries, we do know they get into the blood, and we knew that if you ate more of them, there was more least appearing in the blood, but this is one of the first times where they really also saw that consuming Belur had a great effect on their vision, and it was very much anecdotal, but it's definitely something that even to this day, people believe very strongly in, and now the research is pure actually called up and shown up. The more you could put the anthracite your body, especially your eyes, the better they're gonna be able to perform, and that's over a lifetime, a really, really important thing 'cause it gets bombarded with a lot of RAs and energy that isn't very good.

Right, right. And we've always grown up here in the United States about your carrots 'cause that's good for your eyesight, but now this field Berry, that's good to know.

Please explain now about the high energy blue light and how that affects the human eye, so while this fine, we launched a product called bold vision proactive to address that very important phenomenon that now more than ever, especially our children, they're looking at PDAS, they're looking at their phones looking at plasma televisions, we are as well, and it's The modernized electrical equipment along these lines where they have a screen that has increased the amount of high and by light in our society, the old traditional television that you have to walk up to to actually change it to a... What wasn't sending out much, but high on in glue light, and it's within the full spectrum of like... This is only a very small fraction of it. And what we see is that particular light, it enters into the eye and it focuses on the macula, which is the honor Y, and this may be mentioned would maybe that one of the things that actually increases the risk of things like MacLean over a lifetime, the damage of the sun and the associated raising energy pathways with the sun on your macula.

Wow, that's very fascinating. And that's sad. Did he hear about... But you think about, This is... Our kids are brought up with that and it's time to... And more than ever, our children are exposing our eyes to raise, what we need to do is really give them a supplement, and we could really do a great deal to protect them, especially if it's gonna have the Amazon and from Bill Berry, and in particular, the floor blowout leucine is extremely powerful as is a nutrient that protects the macula... Right, it was good that... Yeah, you've researched this now, so tell me a little bit about the function in the build of the human eye because you've started to talk about it, but let's talk about what makes up that structure.

Yeah, I mean, the human, I could be seen as a front lens that receives large and the back of the lens dimapur, where it gets intensified and the light energy gets converted into electrical energy to tell the brain that you've seen something of a certain color or distance or speed, the macular in particular, focus is you on your central vision, so you could focus on an object and be sure of where it is in space, but it's interesting, the brain tells the eyes to see though, right Teresa, there's that feedback between the brain and your eyes, and if something's coming toward you, your eyes, your us is constantly determining where is about to hit me as a meme and to move accordingly, so there is incredible feedback between your eyes, and it's also... That really shows the importance of really why other nutrients like Omega-3s are so important, the actual electrical connection between your brain and your eyes is essentially achieved by DHA and only Dhow didn't have DR. We wouldn't see... So you've gotta protect it with the good nutrients like leucine and Burberry antisense, but you've also gotta make sure to functioning, and if you could do it with good nutrition, good proteins, especially good fatty acids, I make the DH. You're gonna support your... Your eye health.

Yeah, and that's overall, 'cause you're talking about your brain and your eyes and... Correct, you're feeding everything in that... So when does the human I develop in the fetus, and how important is it to talk about prenatal nutrition to that process?

Yeah, the central Neo system develops within literally hours, if not days of when an egg converts into doubles in size after it, when pregnancies has been injured, because the central nervous system develops right away, ideas are essentially attached to your ears and affect your eyes are a part of your central nervous system, it's really an extension of your brain, so there are very early signs of cellular pockets within days, and that's actually where the eyes will end up residing. And it's an extension of the central nervous system.

So very, very early on, that's why it's actually extremely important that Moms don't just give the nutrients that children should have when they're delivered, but it should be when you're attempting to get pregnant and all of... Obviously, all the way through pregnancy, because we know that the baby is gonna get all the nutrients it needs, because this is new to me, but something like that, Bill Berry, I said moms be taking that as Well... Boobies are really good. I think most people should be taking more of these extracts, especially lute, because that's really where a lot of the research exists to looting with the bill being Anthony is really that perfect combination.


So let's talk a little bit about the macula, as you've been describing too, it seems to be the biggest risk since many of the nutrients that feeds are not made in the body, but need to be consumed from food and supplements. What's the most important for us to take?

Yeah, I would servile DH omega-3s there. That's really, really important. consuming a lot of foods with that a green leafy vegetables, you're gonna get lore leucine from them, and if you're not doing that, then take a supplement, such as the bold vision will find as bovis on product or you can see other other great brands that also have looting in them as well. And I would say they're really the key nutrients that really support what we've also done in this product, in an area of science that we've really got interested in is the are of dry eye, and we know that when people take fish oils, this tends to be a way in which you can reduce the risks of drywall, reverse dry, but what we've also found out is it may not just be about the omega-3s, it could be also about the omega 7, and in the product that I've mentioned, and in a lot of more products in the marketplace, you're gonna see people not just talking about a mega-3 for the eye, but actually mega-7, so Omega 7s, I'm not an essential fatty acid, our body makes them ourselves, but potentially supplementing additional amounts of seven in their body, allow us to support halite fluid membranes.

So from drive, through our whole gamut of ailments that people may suffer a mega events are a really, really, really good option, and until now, most make even consume from bacon supplements, but now from a FISH-based, we can actually provide that for your customers and people out there.

Yeah, and you mentioned it about those to mega events. That's good to know.

You talked a little bit about the foods with the leafy greens, can you expand on that a little bit about what kind of food support that I help... Yeah, I like to get people to eat is, when I look at their data play to to that plate should be from a plant, and there should be a lot of colors, and they should be a lot of variety, and I think... Variety is a really, really key, important thing that we need to teach our children. For many reasons, it's very hard to have a diet with a lot of variety unless you eat fruits or vegetables in the Harran plant-based through foods, there's such a variety and then... So within the leafy green room, yeah, don't just consume regular... THINK ABOUT spinach, think about Cal, mix it up that way to try and ensure that you're getting the full natural blend of naturally occurring nutrients. And so let's talk a little bit about Luton and the exam thing, what is that? And what are those essential neutrons?

So linnean appear in nature together, and when you look at the macula and the structure of the macula, leucine and Z example, do a really phenomenal thing, they actually overlap each other in rods, and it's this road structure with Lieutenant, the exam or on the macula that actually prevents the macula from damage by the high energy blue ray light, and when there's ample routine and zatanna, it's performing and it's optimal, the capacity to focus a tenant allow you to know what's in... Rights, you in your environment.

Wow, that's great to know too. Thank you. have interesting information, we're gonna have to take a quick break, but we will be back with more and with Chris in just a moment, don't go away. And we'll be right back.

And welcome back to the mother's market radio show. And we wanna remind you that if you've missed any portion of today's show, you can find us on iTunes by searching mother's market or the show from our website, mother's market dot com, click the link for radio and listen to the past shows, plus download our Healthy Recipes and money savings coupons, all available at mother's market dot com. And now back to our interview with dietician, Chris speed, and we were talking about a really interesting subject matter, it's about vision support, and Chris, I wanted to ask you about your line of premium fish oils, which is loved for the EPA and the DHA, it provides that it provides... But how is omega 7 different?

It's really good question. We are able to produce meat, PA-DHA supplements from no instance, Alaskan police of our products where we didn't concentrate, but we clean one of our liquids called Orange burst, we were really five Agathe fact that they've actually contained a lot of MiGs in it.

Most people that are getting a mega-7 from Seaton plant-based forms, and we know that there's a lot of anecdotal interest in what makes really do a mega sevens are quite simply a completely different dietary fat, they're not deemed essential because we do get them in the food that we consume in our body can make them from other types of fatty acids, but is different in that it appears to have effect on mucosal membrane fluidity, especially dry eye, we know that Andy and some limited research in animals are showing this outcome, but we also think there may be some other cardio protective metabolic outcomes with consuming law mega-7, one of them being improved glycemic control in pre-diabetics and diabetics, so it's an area of research where the words an organization really getting behind, think there's something really exciting to talk about omega 7, and it certainly does do things from a very different standpoint, it's not a central like EPA DHA, but a piece to exit some very positive biological functioning.

Interesting, so this is also great 'cause you have a bottle of this city right here, wiles finest fish oils offers a new product, it's called bold vision, and it looks somewhat similar to other vision formulas on the market, but it's absolutely more sophisticated and I would love for you to describe what the difference is... Yeah, this is our first for outside of the Omega 3 EPA DHA world, and we were really excited. It doesn't mean this doesn't contain fish, or it actually does, but what we've actually concentrated from the Alaskan policy that we're using in every product of our product line is we've actually increased the concentration and you used mega 7, so the omega 7 plus the most research form of Lute leucine at the level you require, which is approximately 20 milligrams with at least 20 milligrams of antisense from Dilbert, this really typifies where the research is around omega-3s and around eye health, this product really needs to be taken with Papa, will you do obviously, you need fish oils to support your overall health, especially eye health, but we've chosen to really just put the nutrients in this that the research suggests are required and needed and not put in the other ingredients that we feel are more marketing fluff, there's really no science to support why they're in this particular product, and I think what really defines is this product for many that are on the market is what's not in it? Now we wanna put what's in this product? Why it's gonna work? And we feel as though we've been able to achieve that, especially when you're consuming the wallet funds, bovis on product with official as well.

There was a question that was asked about taking this bold vision for either a fatigue or eye strain, and also for cataracts, and if you're on the computer a lot... So does that work?

Absolutely, this is what we find. People we work with who have taken this product for quite a while, they go... When they walk outside to go to a sporting match, or when they're going through a tunnel in their car, or they just walk at their front door, there's less glare from that, so the latest strain and stress on their eyes, and that's what we feel people are feeling straight away, and that normally happens within, say, two or three weeks of taking a product like this, what about for dry eyes? You've talked about that year, really important Omega tries for sure, high concentration, especially high an EPA and in a product like the ball vision, something that's actually giving you the omega 7 to improve full of the membranes around the eyes, and they obviously the other important nutrients routine and the example is it safe for children?

It is very safe for children, we have already a product in the marketplace called elementary APA that also contains leucine, and that's a liquid choice that we've marketed towards children, adults take that, however, and in the same way, adults or children could take this product, they are small little capsules, they're easy to swallow, as long as that's acceptable to the child, then they could take both products to really support their eye health now with this formula work alone, or is it more nutrition and supplementation would be needed.

We believe the only missing is the Omega 3, and so with any of the Wales final products, most notably pick EPA because it's very high EPA Omega 3, which is again an anti-inflammatory and it PECS to be good with dry it... That would be the missing part... Now, you've recently attended a meeting of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA omega-3s. Do these scientific experts believe people are taking enough fish oils for our health and especially for I health, these are extraordinarily powerful people who can theoretically change the guidelines of how and why we eat and how we get nutrition into our bodies and... When you meet up these experts in nutrition, especially in the maitre well, they're telling us something that's extremely sad, and that is at the root of what's us unwell as Asia Society could almost be 100% removed by simply filling in that gap of omega-3 EPA DHA deficiency, we believe that this is the the graves nutrition consideration in our society, and from brain health, brain diseases all the way through your typical chronic diseases such as heart disease, we know now more than ever through groups of the Global Organization for Pan-DH, that these nutrients can do a lot of really powerful things. And if we can get more people to think about how nutrition affects the brain, especially the eyes, remember being an extension of the brain as well as the rest through your body and clinically vascular system will be in a great place.


Well, good, at least you're moving toward this direction, and this is why you're here outside of supplements, what should people do to take better care of their eyes in their vision, really eating a very well around high variety plant-based diet and making sure you eat a lot of seafood as well, there's no testing as the food you can't eat, but most people know that at the end of the day, if you're a lot more fruits and vegetables and you eat less of the other stuff and you're probably gonna be working in a good direction, I like the fact that the US government installed the new education of more matters around fruits and vegetables, I like that way of educating people, so they... Sitting there with your hand and saying, You gotta do this, you gotta do that, people don't want to do that, and they're gonna not get healthier as a result.

You've also even on our show before, and you've mentioned that the tissue is the issue, can you leave our listeners with a reminder of how important the statement is for the health of our eyes for over lifetime? Yeah, listen, when you take it to make a three supplement, you're going to go over a change for the first of three to six months where every cell, every tissue and organ in your body is gonna change its profile of that same fatty acid... Omega 3, EPA, DHA, and the more of this that's incorporated into the cells that then it can actually do what it does, which is predominantly structural for cells and anti-inflammation for overall health and wellness.

So by measuring the tissue and actually understanding, Well, what kind of diet is this person consuming because the teacher went live, I'll tell us exactly what you're eating is such an important issue. Research now suggests that actually the traditional testing, such as cholesterol, may not even be as able to predict chronic disease, like measuring your omega, this in your blood, so the tissue is the issue, 'cause it's a really, really important public health reality, more people that measure how much a, either in your body, the more we're gonna be getting people to consume seafood and supplements, and we know that's gonna have an incredible effect on reducing the risk of a large number of our lemons in our society, how often should people have their eyes testing... We believe that every year you should get your eyes tested and then you have a benchmark.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, usually it starts in... No children at school ran from eight to 10, there are a lot more public schools now that are starting to test eyes, it should have been done by their child's pediatrician from the date of birth anyway, and so it's really no early day, it should be done from day one.

Okay, well, this has been great information. Thank you so much for your time, Chris, and some great advice, and we really appreciate your knowledge and we look forward to having you on again, but in the meantime, you can get more information on Chris and his website, wiles finest dot com. We look forward to your next visit.

Thanks very much for having me.

Thank you.

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