Immunity- Common Sense Strategies

March 12th 2020

Host Kimberly King joins Glen Depke to discuss immunity! The coronavirus has been in the news for weeks now and we're here to give you some common sense information on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Glen Depke is a traditional naturopath who has been living the natural health lifestyle since 1985 and has been in practice since 2001. Tune in!

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Hello, I'm Kimberly King, and welcome to the mother's market podcast, a show dedicated to the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the human condition. On today's show, The coronavirus has been in the news for weeks now, and we're here to give you some common sense information on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones, but first up, Glen Def key is a traditional naturopath whose expertise lies in the areas of natural hormone balancing the gut brain connection, immune regulation and chronic inflammatory states.

When has been living the natural health lab still since 1985 and has been practiced since 2001, he had the honor of working alongside Dr. Joseph Macola from 2004 to 2008 when he resided in Illinois prior to his move to southern California, currently, Glen is a national educator for Dr. Macola on a variety of wellness topics, as well as a program and product development. And we welcome Glen to the mother's market podcast. How are you now?

I'm doing awesome. Thank you for having me.

Right, thanks for being here. What do you fill our audience in in a little bit of your mission and your work before we get to today's show?

Well, I think probably that to make it easier is to understand a little bit of my history, a lot of people don't know, when I was younger, when I was 17, I had a grand mal seizure and was, had every test known to conventional medicine, and they basically told me everything's fine. I was probably just an unusual one-time incident, go about your life and don't pay attention to it, so I did, and months later to have a second one, now be admitted into the hospital, same battery of the same result, there's nothing wrong, there's no reason why you've had it, but now you've had two, so now we need to diagnose you as an epileptic, and from there, I was put on medication and still had grand mal seizures on medications, and to make a long story short, as a part of my health journey, I was actually at one point, even a patient of Dr. recalls back in the day, and I overcame epilepsy naturally, and so that drives my passion and compassion to help people really to find their balance and overcome what their challenge went, so that's my daily... That's my daily focus, and it is, Wow, you turn your pain into power. And now you're making it work. So today we're talking about the immune health and so... My goodness, we could have many shows about this. Right.

What are your thoughts on the current scare with the coronavirus?

Well, the way I look at it is we should look at everything as with a level of caution, the problem I see is that in our... Not just in our culture, but in the world's culture now, it's not just caution, it's fair, and the difference is in caution, we typically act in fear, we typically don't act right. And it really, for me, if we think of all of this, the coronavirus as servius SARS bird flu, and we can go down the list of all the different pathogens that we're potentially exposed to that are gonna wipe us out based on a media exposure, and I think though for me, it goes back to... It goes back much further, and most people think it goes back to the 1860s, and most people have heard of Louis pastor. He's really the father of the germ theory.

So the theory is that we are this almost helpless host as a mabin, and then as we're exposed to a germ, the germ is what the deciding factor and what happens to us, but what most people don't know, there was another gentleman at the same time named the champ and the camp had a different theory, his theory was that it was not the GER, it was actually the health of the cells of the host that determined what was gonna happen when the germ... When the body was exposed to this germ, and for whatever reason, I don't know, maybe pastor had better speaking skills, maybe had a better influence of friends who was better building rapport or just better presenting his information, but in that time period... In the early to mid-60s, and that argument was going about in really the medical world and pastor on, which is why we all, most of us have heard of a pastor, but nobody's heard of The CHAM. And the reality in my world, from my opinion, is that a Hampshire of one, and we wouldn't have this same focus on the coronavirus, it would be something that we would want to be cautious about because people are getting sick and people are dying, and most of the people that are dying are people that are really low immunity-based hosts, right. Where they're just not in the best place and had really the champion... Our home medical system will be completely different.

So I think this is so interesting, even backing up a second, because I want you to talk about what does that look like now and had a camp on, but did you apply or... Did some doctors apply the camp's method in finding out what was wrong with you? When they kept saying everything is fine, but you had had two grand mal seizures back to back... What... Was that here all of a sudden when they realized...

Yeah, and well, because the whole thing is it wasn't a cure, it was just the recognition of what was wrong with body... See, the seizures themselves weren't the issue... The seizures weren't an result of what was going on in my body, and it was a combination of... If I go back to when I was younger, I grew up at a time, I was born in 64. I grew up in a time when soda was first becoming popular, fast food risers were just opening, and honestly, I ate a lot of sugar in it really poorly when I was younger, and I had nine cavities, and back in that day, that meant I had nine silver amalgam fillings, which as Dr. Macola talks about all the time, or then suspect to mercury toxicity and mercury as a no-neurotoxin, so being released in the body and we have poor blood brain Burg function, which based on my level of health when I was younger, I would understand the poor blood brain barrier, and then that Mercury can move into my brain again, not everybody has seizures from that, but other people, it can drive neuro degeneration when they're older, it can drive gut issues, it can drive immune issues or... There's so many different things and I occur from that.

But even with that, it wasn't just the... It wasn't just the Mercury, it was the poor diet, too much sugar, other factors when I was younger, there wasn't stress for what I would consider children or adolescents when... Back in the 60s and 70s, so I eerily.

So I don't feel like that was a big deal, but I think it was really mostly nutritional and really the toxicity that I was dealing with, and by the time I was older and then this started to manifest for me as a seizure disorder, there were other things going on, there were food sensitivities, there were hormonal imbalances, there were pathogens in the gut that I was dealing with, so in essence, I just had to take care of the things that weren't right in my body that were imbalanced and... I'm happy to share that. If there was about a, I would say almost a 10-year period from the time I was 17 to about 27 when I was working on overcoming this also again, with the help of Dr. Marco is patient back in that day, and a whole other team of experts in my own research, and I don't have seizures, I don't take medications for seizures, and honestly, I'm never worried about having a seizure again the rest of my life because I took care of what the underlying triggers were for, I tied it and just throw up... At the time I was in a Latin, which is an anticonvulsant. Well, that didn't work. I still had seizures on the anticonvulsant, so... You are true. It's a true testimonial to finding the right balance.


So now, asking again, how would the champs system looks like now? So we talked about stories. What does that look like now?

Yeah, well, Pastor system looks like what I went through.

Okay, it's more of the recognition, yes, you have this problem, and this problem is caused by something... Not looking at thing I like pastors. theory was that the germ was the problem... Well, if the germ was the problem, everybody exposed the coronavirus would have similar or exact circumstances, that's not the case, that's not who's having the most significant issues with the coronavirus. It's people who are immuno compromised. Typically, senior citizens, and I'm not gonna coin senior citizens as poor health, but senior citizens with poor immunity or younger children with poor immunity is really where the bigger problems are coming in, and if we can all just focus on what I would consider more of the balanced lifestyle choices that we could make and some really some of the basic supplementation that is important to support the immune system as well as some... A little bit, I'm one of those guys, a little bit of extra credit goes a long way, especially when there's something like this going on, I think that's really important.

Yeah, that's... And thank you for really bringing up something that someone he... Camp, a lot of us have never even heard of, I know what to start adopting that to that lifestyle, how can we keep these cells in the best condition ourselves so that this virus doesn't break out and affect us... I know we've been talking about compromised immune systems, but as we're being told, wash your hands and what about What does that diet look like for us... Yeah, I mean... Well, from a lifestyle perspective, yes, of course, wash your hands if you're gonna cough around somebody, cover your mouth, so you're not shooting this all over the atmosphere and also... Exactly, and then also getting enough sleep when we go to sleep, our immune system really kicks into high gear, so that's when we're really enjoying that high maintenance and repair of the body and when the body is doing its job and really red flagging and recognizing pathogens like this virus and then providing the right components, immune components, whether it be natural killer cells, cytokines and our Lupin white lots, whatever the body determines it needs to destroy it, it destroys it and then it's removed from the body, that's really what it's actually called a natural healing crisis, and crisis doesn't mean it's bad, it's just that what the body has to go through to rid itself of something that it doesn't want, something it games dangerous for the body and other things that we could do outside of sleep, just simple things that we should all do, but we don't make sure that we're deep breathing on a consistent basis to get enough oxygen to the cells in the body, staying properly hydrated, you wanna be flushing out the kidneys on a consistent basis to help with all of this and... Nutritionally, yeah, this is a great time for people to decide, Well, maybe I shouldn't eat as much sugar as I usually do, maybe I should cut back on the simple carbs that I get away from the flour-based products and have my carbs more vegetables at this time or maybe a limited amount of fruit and really make different choices with what we're drinking, because most people consistently drink liquid sugar all the time is... Right.

What was gonna say? That's what kills me as people reach for like OJ, thinking of what this is so healthy for me, it's got Vitamin C. Well, yes, it does have vitamin C, But it's also loaded in sugar, which the pole Chairman system, and what most people don't know is you can get more vitamin C, an avocado than you would from orange juice without obviously the sugar.

And even from that perspective, personally, as an example of travel, I travel a lot... Well, every time I travel, I take... When I'm getting on a plane, I take five Lipari C. and when I get off the plane, I take another five Poona vitamin C. because I know when I'm kind of trapped in a plane, which to me is one of the worst areas, environment, health environments in our world, that you wanna do something to protect yourself, so I stay extra hydrated, I take the vitamin C and I'll probably even take some other kind of immune support, and it's even not too long ago, I was on a eight-day cruise and I had a plane flight there on a boat for eight days with 3000 people as friends, and then another two long flights getting back from Florida to Southern California so of course, I did everything that I could, and you made it with the stawell, there's a whole different side story to that, that we probably won't have time to get into, but no, but I'm always going to take my utmost protection when I'm in those circumstances and that's another lifestyle thing is if we think of society and human beings like we're meant to be in community but not stuck in little areas like sardines in a can.

Right, and what we're really doing is a lot of times, especially I'm initially from the Midwest, where in the winter you would always be inside all the windows to be close and have this forced air heat blowing in on you, well, those are just environments that it might not be a bad idea to either stay away from those environments if you can or make sure you're protecting yourself when you go on those environments in every way that you can, and the combination of lifestyle and supplementation, you could put your body in that position where the champ would be so proud that you're being the strongest to... You possibly can, yeah.

So I love the natural healing crisis as a headline, not necessarily to say that it is a crisis, but you made a change that you said will take some time, a fast food in the sugar... Oh my gosh. But it is in everything, you have to really be diligent about making sure you look at ingredients, give me an example of what your plate looks like or your meals look like throughout the day, and then at also decide, I don't know if there is anything besides water but for liquid and also food and drink... Exactly, and I always say that I'm still a human being. I don't do everything perfect, and I don't aspire to do everything perfect, I can't see the air quotes on the audio is, but that's the whole thing, is that we wanna do the best that we can, but we still need to fit into this life. Right.

And I do a version of keto that I've been doing long before we even have the words keto, to be honest, I've been doing this for about 20 years, and it's expanded with Dr. Macola Roda book called fat for fuel, which to me is by far the best book on keto I've ever seen, the best accumulation of information and research and really the real things that you need to move forward into living in that level of a lifestyle from a dietary perspective, but then his next book though, keto fast, really takes it to a new level, and really the keto fast way of living is what I focus on, whereas I'll do four days of keto, I do two days of what's considered feasting days where we have more carbs on those days, and then one kind of like a keto fasting day, and in my regular keto days, I'll probably wake up in the morning and I'll make either an organic black tea or an... Again, a coffee and I'll use Dr. Macola ketone Energy, which is a capella ad MCT oil.

I prefer that because of its impact on the liver in producing ketones and ability to get into the brain, and I'll mix that with a little bit of on organic butter grass side too, if I can get it, but at least organic. And that's how I start my day, and I use that and I take my different supplements and I will take in the morning with that, and then I'll have a meal, I don't know, maybe my first true physical food is about 11 or 12, and I'll have a small piece of protein, it might be maybe all of three ounces of maybe chicken thigh or maybe a hamburger or steak or salmon or something, and I'll have a vegetable with a local... Itami vegetable, maybe some of my favorites are asparagus broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, it could be a salad, a spinach holder mixed green salad, and I'll always have a healthy amount of fat with that, so I might have a whole medium avocado with some Himalayan salt on it or... Some derivative of either avocado coconut or olives that I'll have as my fat, but it's a very small portion... I mean, I really don't eat a lot. I still maintain about a 192 pounds of body weight. I'm a very active person, I've got a private practice, I do a lot of traveling with Dr. Macola, I'm an avid golfer, I've got a wife and two big dogs, and I'm a busy guy, I've burned the candle ballads in the middle with some regularity, but I don't need a lot of food because I've done what I needed to do in the past to really optimize my digestion, and I eat in a way that supplies my body with energy, so I gave an example of lunch and dinner would be very similar to that, but really, if you took the two plates of food that I eat for the day... If you put those together on one plate, they would probably be the same as one plate for one meal for one person, and you think of all the people are eating three meals that sizes, and then a couple of snacks for the day, I mean, that just tells me, that people are eating in a way that maybe they don't have their digestive system really in a place that they need to to properly absorb and assimilate those foods, or perhaps they're just not eating in a way that's really healthy for them, even though we might perceive it as healthy. A lot of times it gets into what you're talking about, you to give up sugar and you're right. Sugar is in everything. I always, I have a challenge, it's a good challenge for everybody listening, pay attention to where you get sugar from, from everything, not just in a packaged good where it is listed the sugar, but look, it's so easy with our smartphones now, a day you can ask your chart phone, how many grams of sugar are in an apple, and it'll tell you... So you could go about every food through your day, and I always say, stay under a 100 grams of sugar, and for people who are following keto, as Dr. arcola puts in his fat for fuel book, he suggest 50 net carbs or less through your day and people... Some people will shoot for 40 or as a 30 or 20 or less, but I'm not an advocate of eliminating the net carbs, that's more of like what is now considered the Canmore diet. Right, and that's one of the reasons... One of the places where Dr. Macola keto fast comes in, because those two days where you're doing what's called the feasting days, you're actually eating carbs that you would normally not eat on keto, and you're having net carbs of like 100-150, but you're getting some of the carbs that are important for your digestive system, some of these digestive resistant starches, like maybe papaya or rice or some of these different carbohydrates that you would typically never eat on keto, except the problem with that is if you always... Like if every day you're focused on, Oh, I'm gonna be at 20 grams of net carbs are less every day, and you get all excited and pumped up, like you're doing something great for your body and on a level and... Yes, but once you've reached the state of ketosis that you're looking for, you want those feasting days because if you continually eliminate those digestive versus and starches, that has a negative impact on the microbiome and a negative impact on your digestive system. So that's why it's so important to put that all together...

Wow, this is really great information and thank you for kind of that mind shift for all of us, right now we have to take a quick break, but more in a minute... Don't go away. We will be right back, national educator, Glen Deke, and we're talking about how we can boost our immune systems, and Glen, thank you, you've been really great about sharing information about with our lifestyles and the corona virus outcry right now, and how we can really help ourselves to be that better person with making sure we're eating right and cleaning our hands and covering our mouths and everything, but what can people do from a supplement perspective... Yeah, and there's a great question, there's two levels of this, to me, there's the no-brainer basics, and then there's extra credit... Yeah, I mentioned earlier, I'm one who goes for extra credit, especially when there's caution in the wind, which is what we have now, and some of the basics, and these are things that unfortunately a lot of people don't focus on or don't think of when something like this happens, and one of them is just taking probiotics, probiotics, which will enhance the digestive system and the environment of the GI track. What most people don't recognize that. Is about 70% to 80% of your immune system. It actually originates in the GI tract. So if we don't have a healthy gut, we don't have a healthy immune system, and one of the things that I love with Doctor roles, complete probiotics is there is one particular strain of bacteria in that it's called the S-1 form of lactobacillus as adopts or Las adopts, and that is the most research strain of beneficial bacteria that's been shown to be resistant to enzymes, it's resistant to bile, and it's resistant to stomach acid, so the opportunity that that makes it all the way into the colon is actually very high, and that becomes really important because you see when I'm working with clients on... And I'm looking at stool collections and different pathogens, people may have a lot of bacteria that people pick up, ends up residing in the colon, so you wanna make sure that you're using a probiotic that's going to make it all the way to the colon and the other advantage to the complete probiotic is back in early 2019, we started putting this into delayed release capsules, so it actually even opens up a little bit further to enhance the ability to make it throughout the whole GI track, and that's one of those things that... In general rules within our culture nowadays, most people don't eat a lot of raw naturally fermented foods that Ancaster-ISE every once a while I hear people say, But I take my yoghurt every day and it's got five million good bacteria in it. Yeah, but it's pasteurized, that's heat it, which destroys a bacteria. Right, and it's something that even though in my home, my wife makes fermented foods and I do get to enjoy those on a regular basis, I still wake up every morning and take my complete probiotic and it's such a basic need.

And other things, like I had mentioned vitamin C earlier, and then also vitamin D, and vitamin C, which we think about from an antioxidant perspective, but it's so important not only for or as in an accident, for supporting the immune system, that plays a role in brain health plays role in gut health, there's almost nothing you can talk about that vitamin C doesn't play a role in, but the big thing is the fact that it's liposomes, the one thing that most people just don't understand, and basically what liposomes technology is, is that within the ingredient of the supplement, you have a mixture of an multiplied sunflower lesson and an MCT oil, and then when that all opens up with the nutrient in the digestive tract, the GI uses those raw materials of the sunflower, lecithin and MCT to produce a liposomes.

And then the life is on attached, then attaches then to the nutrient in whether it be vitamin C or vitamin D, and it allows it to make it intracellular with great ease, whereas if you have a nutrient that doesn't have a lien on attached to it, it's just very difficult to get through the cell membrane and get into the cell, so some of it is absorbed and a lot of it isn't, and then if we're taking a water silo nutrient like Vitamin C, that'll come out in the Arman, or if you're taking a fat side Banu Trent like a vitamin D, that will actually come out in our stool, well, how about if we make it into the cell and the liposomes allows you to even... I gave an example earlier when I fly, I'll take five liposomes, CES, so that's 5000 units right before the flight and right after the flight... Well, if that wasn't liposomes, I would never take that much because I would probably have really loose stool, right. And you don't wanna be on a plane and run into that kind of circumstance, but because it's liposomes and it gets intracellular, you could take higher amounts and do those really supportive therapeutic levels that in the past, the only way you can get a 10000 units of Vitamin C intracellular was to actually spend 150, 105 for an IV. Well, now you can use Lisa, and that's what the sea... But the D, Vitamin D, which in all actuality is a hormone, but we still always call it vitamin D because that's what we've been doing for decades, but the vitamin D is essential for immune system support, if you want to have a strong, strong immunity, you have to have adequate vitamin D. and I know Dr. Macola, at least in the past, I haven't checked or recently, but it is to offer a vitamin D testing on his website, and I always tell people, if you're a healthy person and you're your vitamin D, I'd like to see that somewhere between 50 and 70, but if you're a health challenge individual, you want that in more of a therapy to range be like 70 to 00, and I have a kind of a cute little story about one of... Somebody I've worked with Admiral's office years ago, who initially had a vitamin D level of 80, which is terribly, terribly... Well, man, I didn't quite express it in that way to scare her, but I instructed her to take regular bit MD supplementation, but back in that, in those days, that was probably about 14 years ago, we didn't have liposomes and this one then at some time after that, I moved to Southern California, lost touch with her about eight years after that, she reached out to me, she did probably a browser search, found me and we started working together at a distance, and after eight years of daily vitamin D supplementation, this woman only went from 8 to 40.So she still didn't even make it to the low end for a healthy person, and we were looking for the therapeutic level... Well, thankfully, at that time, Li-Ooma D was now available per... In 5000 units of liposomes D twice per day. In two months, she went from 40 to 77.Wow.

So that ability to get intercellular makes a huge difference. And I can't say enough about that. And to me, the fourth, really no-brainer is zinc, a pretty consistent mineral deficiency, I would say probably... Some of the stats are at least 33% or so, people are zinc deficient, and it plays a big role in supporting immune system function, plays a big role in creating a healthy inflammatory perspective, but what I love about with Dr. Marcus saying supplement is not just zinc, it's zinc, and a small level of selenium was also plays an important role in overall health and immune support, and also a very small amount of copper, this is this... Another thing that most people don't know is that zinc and copper are actually antagonistic minerals, so if you just consistently take zinc all the time, which a lot of people do, you could actually create a deficiency in copper.

Yeah, so that's why I just love the fact he adds that little bit of copper in there to make sure that we don't create this copper deficiency, and to me, those four are really the no-brainer, the complete probiotic a libel on will see a liposomes and the zinc, selenium and copper mixture, and after that, then it gets into the extra credit, and there's three particular supplements that I wanted to really talk about today, and one is fermented mushrooms.

Yeah, the first key word to understand is when we talk about fermentation, anything that we ferment, number one is gonna have a higher therapeutic value, if we go back in time into a traditional cultures, every traditional culture, back in recorded history had a, what they would call a sacred food, their sacred food was always raw and was always fermented, and if the sacred food was in a plentiful amount, everybody would get that, but if it was in times where their sacred fruit with scarce, that sacred food would be held back for the elderly people who are sick or expecting mothers. Right.

But the whole thing is, because of fermentation, we've recognized this as human kind for literally how many... Hundreds or thousands or millions of years. Right, and the big thing with this is anything you ferment has a higher therapeutic value, number two, anything you ferment has a higher level of observable absorption and assimilation in the body, and number three, anything fermented helps your digestive system, and a simple reality, if we look at people with health issues, people who should maybe be concerned about the corona virus, those are the people who are also usually dealing with digestive issues, right.

So number one, anything for mentors is gonna have value and then what are you fermenting it? The one that I really wanna bring up at the beginning is the fermented mushrooms Dr. recalls for mental mushroom product has seven different mushrooms in it that are supportive therapeutic mushrooms that have been used literally for thousands of years to support the immune system, normal cellular growth, body's detoxification processes, and just overall, to me, the biggest thing though is immune support, and it's something that traditional Chinese medicine has been using medicinal mushrooms for generation after generation with huge levels of success, and the other one that I really love personally is fermented black garlic, and most people don't know a lot about black are ugarit itself, which is a fantastic spice that people use for almost everything and enjoy it myself, but garlic as just a food, it does contain a lot of nutrients, it contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, selenium B6, vitamin C, So from a nutritive perspective, it's something that's good to have on our diet, but the big thing though is once you ferment garlic and then it becomes black, are now number one, it's really sweet tasting, it doesn't have that pungent flavor, and if you consume black garlic, it doesn't... The next day, everybody's not gonna know you had garlic on the day before, it's not losing out in your pores... Right, because it's fermented.

Because it's fermented, right?

And that black garlic. Now, the fermentation process though, releases something called S-allyl Cysteine or SAC, which is really the most therapeutic value for garlic, but most people don't have an optimal enough functioning digestive system to make those conversions in the GI tract, so the fermentation releases it for us.

And the other one of my fun things for this is every once in a while, I'll even just open up caps all the fermented Black, and if I'm cooking eggs for lunch with maybe a little spinach salad and some avocado, I might open up one of those and just sprinkle it on my eggs because it's got that sweet, he is a really awesome flavor to it, and the big thing, as we're talking about is supporting the immune system function.

I remember last year in 2019, when I was at the expo, I talked him Cole's booth, and I was having fun kind of hanging out by the fermented supplements and talking about them, and how many people walked up and said, I take the fermented black garlic, and I just don't get sick like I used to like people even... I wasn't even trying to get that information out of the people who just walk up and share and to support healthy immune support, and then also for other people with potential heart issues, supporting healthy blood pressure or healthy cholesterol levels, it goes along the way in helping the body, but for me, the bigger focus today is specifically with immune support, and it's really enjoyable if you get to taste it as well and... Go ahead.

Oh, it's just gonna quickly ask you, you answered a question for me, just in the form of the supplements, it is in a capsule, the fermented mushrooms, and it is... And Dr. Macola also sells it in a paste, so you can enjoy the culinary aspect of black garlic, there are times where I'll just get the black garlic and I need it with a spoon because it is so tasty and so good and so therapeutic on the same level, so if I can enjoy something that I'm putting in my mouth from a nutritional perspective and also have something that is highly supportive for my body and my immune system, my heart health and everything... Yeah, absolutely, I'm gonna do that. Right, right, right. And then the last thing that I wanna talk about is just the overall support herbal complex, which is, if you're just looking for potentially that one thing as extra credit, this is another potential way to go outside of the mushrooms or the garlic, which is basically just 10 different premium ingredients, which is a combination of different herbs that all have immune support, so like be propolis, concentrate bones at her powder or oil average and so many other herbs that are all just immuno supportive. So to me, it comes down to one of those things is, what overall are we looking for? I love fermented products because of the higher therapeutic value, the ease of absorbs simulation, helping the digestive Infante as well, but I think people kinda resonate and go with what their favorites are, what their gut is telling them, what was that internal dialogue saying... But to me though, those three are the extra credits, fantastic. during these times of caution, fantastic, if you feel that your own immune system is down, fantastic, if you're gonna be going on a plane or being in a compromised area, but to me, the basics are not extra credit, like having the probiotics, the C, the D, and the zinc are the essentials that we need. And everything else is a bonus to what you did there... Wow, this, I'm sitting here frantically taking notes on everything you're saying, it's a really interesting information, and especially in the times that we're in with this corona virus, so everything we can do to be proactive.

Thank you so much for your time and some great advice, and we really appreciate your knowledge and we look forward to having you on again in the meantime, you can get more information on Glen on the website is Mercado, com M-E-R-C-O-L-A.Thank you so much and we look forward to your next visit.

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