Dental Hygiene

March 16th 2020

Host Kimberly King joins Dale Audrey to discuss Dental Hygiene! Today we're discussing oral care and dental health and how it relates to the coronavirus. A self described oral fitness coach, Unger practices dental hygiene and also formulated her own natural oral care line. She aims to educate consumers on the importance of their oral care. Tune in to learn more!

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Hello, I'm Kimberly King, and welcome to the mother's market podcast, a show dedicated to the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the human condition. On today's show, we continue to discuss the novel Coronavirus pandemic that is dominating the news these days, today we take a look at our oral care and dental health as it relates to the coronavirus, and later, we'll tell you where you can get more health information, but first if Dale Audrey Unger is a self-described oral fitness coach, they all graduated in 1983 from the dental hygiene program at Miami-Dade College, and from 1985 to 1989, she practiced and taught until hygiene in Florence, Italy. She returned to the US to practice dental hygiene and began formulating her natural oral care line as a daughter of the periodontal with over 30 years of clinical hygiene under her belt, Hill fulfilled one of her life goals six years ago by purchasing a motor coach and hitting the room, the road, armed with all of her natural product line and a passion to serve and educate consumers about the importance of their oral care, and we welcome her to the mother's market podcast. How are you?

I'm doing great, thank you. One, it's great to have you back. Why don't you fill our audience in a little bit on your mission and your work before we get to today's show, or the mission of... My company that I started is basically just to educate the consumer on how important oral care is for whole body health, and just to create the most natural... Effective and affordable products.

I love it. And you're living your passion. So today we're talking about oral care, and of course the coronavirus, so... Lots of questions here.

And where did the coronavirus come from?

The Coronavirus actually came from China, and it's a growing concern for most people because today it's spreading across the globe, and there's just a lot of fear and panic, I feel that's a little overkill right now, so we're trying to educate everybody on... Of course, how important it is to keep your oral care healthy because that's one way that it's spread, they believe that it's spread in droplets that come from your mouth into respiratory droplets coming from your mouth, so the cleaner your mouth is, obviously the cleaner your body is and that's always been our goal to teach that... Yeah, so let's talk about that. What does oral care have to do with the coronavirus? You mentioned it a little bit, but let's do a little deep dive in here, so it starts in your mouth really, right. Most diseases do start in the mouth and go through the body, but the bacteria in your mouth, the plaque in your mouth is so highly infected with bacteria, and that's really where everything starts, but also in your saliva, that's specifically where the viruses come and that goes through your body and it's also contaminating other things, that's why they say hand washing is very important to help spread the disease because the virus, because that's from contamination from people coughing in their hands and sneezing, and then they start touching everything, shaking hands and... So hand washing is number one, if you do have it, but it's always been a big concern of how diseases start, and we believe that it starts from your mouth coming into your body... That's the window to your body. Basically, I love to think about that.

No, I would to say that's the window to your body. And a lot of people don't really realize the correlation, so how can we prevent the spread of germs, washing your hands, you mentioned by using your hands, keeping your oral care for us, it's always about oral care, 'cause that's how we were kinda tells in her, right.

We believe to always try to clean and sterilize your teeth Bush as much as possible, when you're in the bathroom and you have the toothbrush there, you should not keep you very close to the open toilet when you flush it, and that's another way that your tooth birds become contaminated, and then when you travel as well, also just keeping in mind, just being sanitary with the conditions of things that you're putting into your mouth... I always see when I Paseo biting their nails.

If I know them, I'll Macon, Get your hands out of your mouth, you don't realize there's so much bacteria, you're touching things and then you're biting your nails and you're swallowing it and you know it's not good that you know, I don't really say like, you do, and that's a good point though.

If I don't know you, I won't smack you, but if I know you got... So they may look at you and say, Who are you?

Well, you do have credibility, so you can't say that to... So let's talk about the Dale Audrey brand in preparation of contamination, and let's talk about what you do, and I love that you've been on this for a while, so we always make our products with highest quality standards, all our formulas have are very high in antibacterial antiseptic properties too. And that's... With my dental background, it's not just about a dental product, I'm very well-versed on a sepsis and breaking a nice sepsis chain, which is keeping very sterile and as much as possible in keeping... Changing gloves and things like that. I've just been trained that way, so my brain thinks that way, and that's how our company also has also followed my footsteps, obviously... Right, right. But striven mentioned the sterilizing our toothbrushes, and not everybody thinks about that, or how long should we keep a toothbrush before it's a data... We see that your Brussels, right? Generally, they say three months, so we recommend changing your brush every three months, and I'll wait for you to ask some of the other questions, 'cause I know that she come out of them, but I'll... Yeah, guess you have always run on how it starts in your mouth, and that's for the cleanliness of it, but are you also looking for inflammation or what else are you looking for when you're looking here to help... To help people.

Yeah, well, that's how gum disease starts is with inflammation, inflammation of the gums, so to speak, is college antivirus, which is reversible at that point, and if you cannot get a hold of it at that point, at that stage, it will keep progressing, and then when bone loss starts to occur. Then we say that it's not reversible because at that point the bone won't grow back, so at that time, that's why we try to help anybody at whatever stage they're in, to help get them back to health and kinda maintain where they are, so they don't end up losing their teeth. So how would I know if I... Besides probably having a feeling of it, but can you um disease or how do I know if we... Guises is like the Silanis, a lot of diabetes and you won't know you have it till it's kind of late, so basically what you might see, the warning signs and symptoms are very kind of subdued, you might see some bleeding in the sink after you're brushing. That's a sign that you comes are inflamed and you... You might have a bad taste or bad odor, but that's really as it progresses and it's in the later stages, and then your teeth will eventually get loosened, you don't wanna get to Tatyana, whatever stage you have, or you wanna prevent gum disease, it's always best to brush and floss, and we have a seven-step program that's really easy for people to follow, it's all about our oral fitness routine and our seven-step program to try to get people into being focused on following a program like they do if they work out or if they put their facial cream on and their tuners or cleaners, and it's just the same kind of routine you need to have in your mouth, and if you follow our routine with our products, you should... You'll be fine.

So what is the seven-step program?

You give me at least maybe three. Four. Okay, so in the beginning, in the morning, we recommend tongue cleaning, so we have our products tunnels, we have also after tongue cleaning, we recommend oil-pulling, which we have... That's to be done. 30 seconds or longer. A lot of people will oil pull up to 20 minutes. It's kinda hard to do with our product. If you swish for 30 seconds, a minute or two, you'll still have a benefit because it's not just plain oil, and that comes from the diabetic philosophy that they started 3000 years ago, switching with the same oil, and then after that, tooth brushing and flossing, then brushing again, at night, using our gum massage, and at last our white or white tonight, which we just recommend, but that's just a cosmetic... A cosmetic thing, right. 'cause everybody wants white teeth, and we're in Southern California.

I do, it's interesting because I remember we spoke last time about that oil pulling, does that help with... Or tell me a little bit about that. Let's do, okay, sure. The IRIS believe, which the Eastern Indian philosophy, they believe that if you swish with sesame oil for 20 minutes every day, then it will detox your body and actually pull toxins out, and that's really where it comes from, and formula is more modernized, it's actually blended with herbs and extracts, to make it really just more modernized, so you can swish it for less time and still have the benefit because a lot of people can't swish for 20 minutes, and if you're switching for 20 minutes with plain oil, I mean for less than 20 minutes with plain, where you're not really oil pulling, so that's why we kind of... We made the formula a bit... A little bit more robust.

Right, okay. And it sounds like you added things to us, so my taste better too, so maybe four flavors, delicious flavors, and the herbs and extracts really help with pain and other issues that you have in your mouth, and again, we say it starts in your mouth and then it really reflects into our bodies, but the oil pulling is it, how does it... So it's really literally switching the oil and then spitting it back out, that's really the whole concept of them with our formula about a teaspoon and a half, and you don't wanna use a lot of it 'cause as you swish, you start to celibate. So if you put too much in your mouth in the beginning, you can wish, 'cause your mouth is kinda start to fill up east a little bit goes a long way.

And that's great. Again, it's a detox that Ian, not many dentistry literally, I don't know that many people adhere to this, this is an all the... You said from a... It's really an Eastern Indian and the Western medicine doctors and dentists, they really weren't taught this in school, so they're not really familiar with it. So that's the reason.

So looking beyond... So again, I know we're talking about oil pulling, but how would I know that the benefits of oil pulling are working?

Well, I can speak for our formula, if you swish our formula for 30 seconds, you spit it out, you're gonna feel like you just brushed your teeth, I mean, you're gonna feel it pretty much immediately, so I always... I don't like to tell people because I like people to try it and tell me that they feel a difference, but we get so many five star reviews on our products and how it helps people with... The many different situations they have. And your customers are always your best... Right, but for me, it helped me 'cause I had an issue with my wisdom tooth that's halfway in and out, and I... That's how I started using it, and it really helped me 'cause I used to have to go on antibiotics just because I lost and it would just flare up. Exactly, yeah.

Oh, that's interesting. And so again, even talking toward the coronavirus is what we're saying, so you have some... You mentioned earlier some of flossing and then of course, your tongue cleaning that that's something not everybody talks about either you have... I know you have products for that, so what does that look like? The tongue cleaner. What does it look like?

I know what's the Popeye.

So we have a tongue serum that we actually recommend just dropping a few drops on your tongue 'cause it tastes good and it helps to clean and moisture or to your tongue is like a sponge, so absorbed with all the bacteria too, and a lot of people don't think about cleaning their tongue, but it's in your mouth, that's about in your mouth, so you have to remember everything in your mouth, it can because there's so much bacteria in your mouth, so the more bacteria you get out on a daily basis, it's always being produced in fact, if you have your teeth cleaned 20 minutes later, that we call it the acquired public, it starts to build up on your teeth and then the plaque starts to form, so you're really never plaque-free. No matter what you do or how hard you try, it's a constant battle of you against the bacteria, and there's good and bad bacteria. I know a lot of people think the more you brush or floss or whatever, the stronger the chemical you put in your mouth, the better it is, but it's not like that, because you have flora in your mouth that's natural, you don't wanna kill the good bacteria, you want good and bad bacteria, 'cause a good bacteria fights off the bad, so you don't wanna kill everything, like for instance, people that switch with a hydrogen peroxide, it's not good, they have to... First of all, you have to dilute it, and second of all, most of the hydro-peroxide that people use or it comes from the brown bottle, which is really mixed with metal, so a lot of people that think that they're doing something good for themselves, they're really putting metals in their mouth.

Yeah, because it's really a topical rock side, well, that's good information and that's... What about the floss that we use, and is there a certain amount... Did you say twice a day or what is your recommendation on that...

Well, the recommendation is really once a day, it's always better to floss more than that if you can... Twice a day is great. They say flossing every day will help you improve your quality of life and living seven years longer when your teeth are cleaner, so I try to do it twice a day, so I'm 14 is ahead of everybody and look younger, so I go for three intent.

Here is that you'll never hear. You're doing too much, but you have to do it the right way, because if you're not getting the correct angle, then you're not really getting the puck off your team now you have videos for that, we just gonna say, Oh, that's great, because I've read something recently about that how flossing isn't as important, and I was like, Oh, but it's probably due to the way piece of that, you know, I actually don't know the media, fake news now, but there is a right way to floss and you align that, and if you're not flossing, you're really missing like 30% of the tooth because you're only brushing the front and back, but you got the two sides of the teeth that you're not cleaning, so you really have to clean us, so I've seen the toothpick type of flashes as well. Is that just a gimmick or it's better than nothing, but it doesn't wrap around the tooth like a C, so you're not wiping the bacteria off the tooth per se, but it is better than nothing if you have food between the data that...

I'll take that out and prevent cavities kind of thing, but really you have to... The purpose of flossing is to remove the bacteria underneath the gums, and you can only get that with the right angle, and even by saying that, you automatically do the mind shift, you have to get underneath, not just the ease, the flow is supposed to stay on the tooth, the whole time is to clean the tooth, not the gum, or take the time off when losant about is covering your face with a mask. Does that help this Coronavirus outbreak?

Well, the CDC, according to the CDC, they recommend not to go around wearing masks if you don't have the disease only because they want enough masks supply for the professionals who are dealing with people that have it, so they're recommending not to wear masks. If you're healthy, if you're healthy, the ones that are sick that exactly, because we don't know what kind of flu strain we have, but just if you're sick or a state... Exactly, I said that you did.

Okay, well, this is great information, and right now we need to take a quick break here in just a moment... Don't go away, we'll be right back.

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Okay, now back to our interview with Dale Audrey, and we're talking about oral fitness and the coronavirus, and you know you've been giving us some great information and recommendations, what new products does Dale Audrey have to help prevent germ spreading?

Well, all of our products now actually do help prevent germ spreading because of the formulations and the herbs and extracts that we use, but we are coming out with another mouth ranch will have the food grade Hudson and peroxide in it, and we also will have some special traveling cases for the tooth brushes that we carry, and we're also really focusing in the next few months on releasing really sustainable recyclable packaging, 'cause we're so concerned about the planet and we don't really wanna get into more disposable things that are biodegradable, so working on that and that is, that's interesting. I spoke recently to a zero waste family, and they talked about the different types of toothbrushes that are coming out, so I don't know if you're also talking about besides the packaging, but the inquest specifically toothbrushes and anything that is made in plastic, we're trying to totally get rid of a possible in whatever we can do, that's also cost-effective for the consumer because things can be... Always watch cost factors, and this is the question, the bristles, would that be made out of... If it's not plastic or I don't even know what they're made out of now, but they're... Yeah, they're usually DuPont bristles, but we have looked at charcoal bristles and also there was a green tea type bristle we're looking at. So we will be updating our toothbrush line. That's interesting. And then all along, and also disposable had disposable heads keeping a handle... Okay, and that's another way to retaliate... Right, yup. I think they spoke about... And there's also wheat straw... Yeah, there's different materials available, so we'll be... That's great. Not to market.

Great, good to know.

So what measures can we take at home, we talked a little bit about cleaning our tongue, and you have everything that you've spoken about, and you've obviously done the research and you have products to match the oil pulling, which is fascinating.

See, flossing and brushing. What other kinds of things can we do at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

Well, we also have our pet product line.

Yeah, Tibetan, about... 'cause they say that the pets can also contract viruses, of course, so it's also important to clean their teeth for their health regardless of other issues, because that prolongs their life, and it's so important and it's so expensive for people to have their pets teeth cleaned and they have to usually put them at them down for a little bit, and I know my dog has the worst teeth and he's 14, but is there anything I would probably... He would have to go to the vet in order to have that done, is there anything out... We have... Our sonic theatres is really great for pets because it's very quiet and it works, and it's better than brushing manually because it has 21000 brush strokes per minute, so even with a few seconds in their mouth, you're still doing accomplishing something other than just manual brushing it, just and you have a product line to put some sort of a doggy tooth paste, or as we do, we have our pet brushing spray, it's a spray, you can spray on their teeth and brush it on, or you could just spray it on their teeth, or you could push it, spray it on the toothbrush and brush on on their teeth, so we have... And we have some video footage, especially on Instagram of people brushing their dog's teeth, which is really cool, really... Yeah, and they haven't bit their hands off or the thing you like the flavor, we have chicken and natural beef.

Oh, there it is.

Oh, that's interesting. When about a Sani toothbrush for us for... I know you're talking about the plastic free, but do we do recommend sonic too?

We have it now, it's our quick sonic brush, it's battery-operated, and it's great 'cause it retails typically from, I would say about 1495 to 1695, so it's really quite affordable to... For travel, comes with a little case that's aerated, so it's not completely closed, and it's nice, and what's great about it too, is if you push down too hard with the bristles against your teeth, the toothbrush will stop, so you don't cause gummer session by brushing too hard, which is a big problem for a lot of people. Right, I think that's where we get our... When we're aggravated and we do better, people don't realize how hard they brush, and sometimes if you hear the other person from the bathroom in another room, you know they're reaching to you, and that's such a good reminder, I think just in general, that... No, it's often gentle because your gums are there, your gums are soft tissue, and your enamel is really hard, and the plaque is soft, and if you feel that you have to brush your teeth really hard to get the clock off, it's probably tartar, you can't get it off anyway, so you... You know what, I should be a spokesperson that I've had... 'cause let me tell you, and well, you should tell me I had to have the gum graft, I'm not horrible that from the roof of my mouth, and I... First time it didn't work, so I don't wanna have it twice, and that's just because I was an angry pressure, but I've learned my lesson.

Is there a good way, in addition to the electronic toothbrush to get plaque off your teeth, especially in those tough to-reach places, the best way to get back off your teeth is flossing or brushing, that's really a lot of the people... They like to use the inner dental brushes, and those are good for people that can't floss or that have big spaces between the teeth, and we'll be coming out with some Bamboo ones too, we have those in the pipeline, but those are the three things that I think are the best, the most effective.

So during the days, and especially during this time with the coronavirus outbreak, should we be brushing in between on breaks or whatever, but I also want to keep our mouth clean and germ-free, should we be brushing more ultimately... Well, I never recommend more than two to three times a day, 'cause again, you don't wanna cause the gum session, we like the oil pulling between... If you're at work and you can't get... You don't carry your toothbrush with you and you just take a little swig and you feel like you're nice and clean right after that, but basically You don't wanna brush too many times 'cause that's not good.

Okay, equity again, that oil pulling, I think the Geneseo.

It is, yeah, because it's a detox element that people just don't even think about, so I'm really anxious to talk to you about them further, but right now, as we're discussing about the coronavirus, when we're traveling, what should we be cognizant about when we're traveling, which would be well, you just wanna make sure that you don't call a coffee... Thank you. Right.Metope, Le cover your mouth of roofer, sneezes a tissue, try to sanitize. Try to sanitize things around you and just be cognizant of the people next to you or close quarters. That's what I would say. And I know we just talked about this earlier too, when you're on a plane and people are behind you, coughing at you and it's crazy.

Can't use common sense, I suppose.

And another product we have is... That's really good. Is our saltwater vents?

That's amazing. And a lot of times when you do get sick and have viruses and things like that, the first thing you're gonna feel is like your throat getting sore... Yes, so that's a good way to also help... We have a Himalayan mine salt pinsent that taste amazing, and it's actually interesting because the IRA betis will use salt water rents after oil pulling to remove the residue of the oil in their mouth, and it's something you don't have to do, but... That's how they do it.

We recommend you can use that or saltwater rinse for 30 seconds after oil pulling, or you can use it at night and then maybe rinse with a little water after, but it's a really good product and it tastes amazing, 'cause salt water is really a... And especially after dental treatments and extractions, the dentist will actually recommend using warm salt water rents that help kill the bacteria, so we flavored it so it tastes really good and added a few other extracts in it and herbs, so it's just better than regular saltwater that love that, and that's true. I know when you get something done at the dentist, it's the warm saltwater rinse, but then also you mentioned the minute you feel a source road or something, so that it's really good to do.

What about getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist, how many times would you recommend that per year?

My opinion, while the insurance pays for typically twice a year, I think... My opinion is you can really never can then clean too much because it just will get the tartar off your teeth that forms, and the quicker you get it off, the better... Most of my patients were typically going, I would say every three to six months, just because it ends up costing a lot of money out of their pocket, although my opinion is the more frequently you go, the less you're gonna save in the long run from other things that might typically happen to her, right.

So it's really an investment. I don't think that... You know what I'm saying? I think that people don't see it that way, but that's the way I see it.

Because again, you see it as... Pardon me that you... It starts... Oral care starts. Yeah, it's an investment. I mean, people say your dental insurance doesn't cover... Well, your insurance company, your dental insurance company is not insuring your teeth... That's for sure. They do not do that. And then the way that they pay out nowadays, you have a maximum that's very small, it used to be thousands of dollars years ago when I started 5600, I remember now it's... I don't know, 1500, 2000 is a Mac. So the more frequently you go, the better you take care of your mouth, the less trouble you're gonna get into because each tooth, if you had to replace it, each tooth is like 3000 and times 28. it's a lot, it's a lot. So besides that, even if you put implants in your mouth and you invest all that money, if you don't take care of you come, you lose the implants, so you really have to take care of the investment, your mouth is a big investment, and people... I don't think they see it that way.

What about fluoride? And I know, I don't... It's probably in our water... What about... Can you talk a little bit about... For sure, I'm not pro-Florian, although, if there is a patient or somebody that has gone through radiation therapy, and a lot of people that have head and neck cancer, unfortunately, I've seen in my office years ago where they'll come back into the office and have 20 cavities every time they come in, that's to me as a ramp in to key and fluoride at that time would probably be recommended and prescription fluoride would be given, but any other time, if there's not a huge issue, I'm very... I'm against it. fluoride in high levels is toxic, and there have been studies shown that it lowers your IQ and things like that, and most people overuse the toothpaste, they, instead of using a little pea amount, they put all of the toothbrush in the paste on top of the entire... To rush as seen on commercials, but really, that's overuse. And if you read the back of your floor date toothpaste, it says call poison control, sontaran of you. Anything that says call poison control, if you swallow it, it's going in your mouth, it just doesn't... Doesn't make a ton.

Right, just pick it up and do it. Not necessarily looking right.

So that's been really educational, even to the amount that we're putting on our top two brushes, but anything else that you have in the pipeline that you haven't talked about...

Oh yeah, well, hopefully next week we're actually pulling the curtain on a very iconic smile that will be releasing a brand, and it's white tonight will be re-branded with Marilyn Monroe, so we're really excited it's going to be really the first Beauty, oral care collision of the two brands, and it's really... The idea behind it is to make it fun and Blinky, but also at the same time, talk to people about how beautiful their smile is, 'cause marillion Ron for me, she was one of my favorites, she was besides... She was an entrepreneur and a business person and really a strong figure in her time, she was... Her natural beauty, her natural smile was amazing, and everybody I feel has that natural beautiful smile, everybody needs to feel good about themselves from the outside in, and the DA Lodi brand is from the inside out.

So people are very vain on that sense, they'll wanna whiten their teeth maybe before they think of their health of their gums, so I think with Marilyn, we can touch and help both get to those people that are concerned about how their took... Of course everybody, not everybody, but most people are, but everybody has a beautiful smile, and I think everybody needs to let that out, and then that's what this brand is about.

I love that. And so you're really killing two birds with one stone in the sense that you're... It's healthy for you, but it's also... That's the first thing you see when you meet somebody is exactly... For me, it's one of the most important things. I think for most people, it is too, it makes a big difference if someone's smiling and not... And if you're smiling, you feel better, it elevates everything and you just elevate your life, I think smile is so important, and to that point, I always love seeing the before years... One of the first things you said to me today. Thank you.

And so do you... But those before and after with people that either have a horrible... They didn't have the luxury of getting dental work or just a very subconscious about their small... And if you watch TV, and I noticed right away when people aren't smiling, I'm like, Okay, what's wrong with their... Either have... Yeah, they have a kind of subconscious like opening the curtains on the exact... Yeah, I love the Marilyn Monroe iconic too, because... And you're also recognizing her for more than what she was as what we see... Absolutely.

Well, great, congratulations that's very exciting.

Thank you for your time, this has been great advice and we really appreciate your knowledge and look forward to having you on again, but in the main tab, you can get more information on her website, it is Dale, Audrey dot com. Spelling, D-A-L-E-A-U-D-R-E-Y dot com. And we look forward to your next visit than the advice and informational content does not necessarily represent the views of mother's market and kitchen, mother's recommends consulting your health professional for your personal medical condition EE.