Dental Health

June 24th 2019

Join host Kimberly King as she sits down with Dale Audrey Unger to discuss Dental Health! A self described oral fitness coach, Unger practices dental hygiene and also formulated her own natural oral care line. She aims to educate consumers on the importance of their oral care. Good dental hygiene involves more than brushing twice a day, so tune in to learn more ways on how to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best!

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Hello, I'm Kimberly King, and welcome to the mother's market podcast, a show dedicated to the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the human condition. On today's show, good dental hygiene means more than brushing twice a day, so I'd listen close and find some more ways to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best.

Plus later will tell you what's going on around town. But first up, Dale. Audrey Unger is a self-described oral fitness coach. They all graduated in 1983 from the dental hygiene program at Miami-Dade College. from 1985 to 1989, she practiced and top dental hygiene in Florence, Italy. She returned to the US to practice dental hygiene and began formulating her natural oral care line as the daughter of a perio dentist with 30 years of clinical hygiene under her belt, Dale fulfilled one of her life goals six years ago by purchasing a motor coach and hitting the road, armed with her all natural product line and a passion to serve and educate consumers about the importance of their oral care, and we welcome her to the mother's market podcast. How are you? I'm great, thanks. It's great to see you again, and don't you fill our audience a little bit in on your mission and your work before we get to today's show topic.

Well, thanks for having me again, and I just wanna say thanks everybody for joining and listening what I did in my mission and passion for promoting healthy oral care, and is really about taking the stress and anxiety away from people that are so uptight about dental work, so I really wanted to get out there and promote make it totally opposite of what it is because it's painful, it's expensive, and it's very stressful, so while I was practicing, I really tried to make a relaxed environment and make more natural, non-chemical products and just make dentistry completely. What? It's not in my opinion. I love that.

So that's basically where this started, and I had a dream literally in the night to wake up and to create this whole genre of things to just get out in the world, and that's a mission.

Oh my gosh, and if you really ask people about what their biggest fears are besides public speaking, I think edisto... I think it's tough that now or... I go to the dentist, so good for you.

So today we're talking about oral androgen thank you.

I appreciate that we paid a lot for this, by the way, I always say we're talking about oral fitness and how important it is to take care of your mouth, and so why is oral care so important for whole body health?

So oral care, it really starts with oral care, so everything that goes into your body comes through your mouth, and so it's so important to keep the bacteria out of low because your body just produces bacteria every minute in your mouth, and if you don't know the proper way to keep it off your teeth and keep it out of your body, it goes through your whole system, through all your organs and creates disease throughout your body, so it's spread through your mouth, and the thing about Come diseases, it doesn't hurt. People are not aware that they may have it, and the warning signs are very, very low, you might see bleeding once in a while, it's not a painful thing, it's not like having a cavity that you don't fix and you're gonna end up in the emergency room, you don't feel gum disease, and that's why people lose teeth most of the time is from comedies, not from cavity, so... And that's a scary process, pyu can't feel it. You can't see gum disease necessarily, or... Do you see it? No, no, I mean, the average person... Right, the average person might see bleeding occasionally and they might get scared 'cause they don't wanna go to the dentist, so they might avoid it and then it will continue, then they might see bleeding more often and more excessively, and their teeth and then their teeth will begin to get loose, but this doesn't happen till late stages, it's almost like high blood pressure, you don't know you have it till... It's really late in the game.

So yeah, our mission at oral fitness is to try to teach people our routine, use the best products available, the finest ingredients, and get them in a routine, just like working out your body, working out your mouth the same way, and because it is a big, big important part of health, and I love that you get in your mobile, you that mobile mission and you go out and you find the word... I think that's great. So why choose natural and organic dental care products?

Well, I found that while I was in the dental office, for me personally, everything in the dental office for me is toxic, and I always had to wear masks and gloves, and the LED A Bruns and everything and spray down everything with Lisa. It just bothered me, I felt like I was becoming contaminated just because I'm working in a field of bacteria all the time, and I think that in... Maybe it got to me mentally, I don't know, but you don't need chemicals in your mouth because they do promote side effects, people have side effects from chemicals, so that's one thing you don't have to use really strong things are bad for the tissues in your mouth, they're very sensitive, and they also play a part on changing the natural flora in your mouth because your body has a way of healing itself, so if you destroy what we're given to get rid of these things, then it just... It covers it up, it masks it, and it creates other problems, so it's really important to know how to use certain products, the angles of certain products, just like it's important for me to know exactly the angle to clean the plaque and tartar off your... Your teeth, it's the same thing with you at home, and if you're instructed properly, you'll have much less of it in less disease and less problems. That's so funny because we're learning about how to take care of our bodies, but really it's you, but when I first met you and we first talked about it, we don't really learn how to take care of our team, or how would we take care of a mouth but it is the access to how you are finding out about cancer too, we're finding out about disease... You said something that doctors come to us, dentist or period dentist, and they do the shamanic loves in the mass, and that's gonna be intimidating, especially for the children sitting in the chair and they see this coming at us, so that really... Pain. Psychologically, yeah, there's a lot of psychological factors because in dentistry, first of all, you're letting us go into your mouth, which is very invasive, and then you're scared because you don't know what's going on, and you hear these noise, it's painful, I mean, the smells are horrible.

It's all psychological, so that's why it was really important for me to get patients to relax and put them in in a different state, so I can work better because it's stressful for me and I can't do my work properly if you're stressed out right now. So many people would come to me and say, You know, I have to have natures to be relaxed. I'm like, No, you don't sit down in my chair and they're sleeping or crying at the end of the session, so for me, it's just important that... And you have to be lucky enough to have a practitioner that will spend the time and really is devoted and really caring in any profession, right.

So if you're lucky enough to find that person and you're blessed, in my opinion, because it is a blessing, it is, and I think education is everything, you're learning about it, and I think... Yeah, it is so important.

You're telling them all the way through the heart, that sound... I still know. Right, exactly.

So everybody's like, explain briefly about... Oh, I remember we talked about this and I didn't know anything about this, so I'm fascinated about this oil pulling and why it's created what is oil pulling in the Rincon... We go through this again.

Alright, so about six years now. It's probably 10 years.

Yeah, I got... The last time we spoke was a few years ago, but I was actually doing a demo for a store, and somebody had come up to me and asked me if I knew about oil pulling and I had no idea what it was, and I was shocked because I was a hygienist, I thought I knew everything, and I didn't know when someone handed me a book on oil pulling and I read it, and I found it quite fascinating, and really what it does is it comes from the philosophy of IR beta, which is Eastern Indian, and it's been around for about 3000 years, and what they believe is if you switch sesame oil in your mouth from to 20 minutes a day, that it will detox your body and pull toxins out, so that's where the philosophy comes from.

So I tried it, there's also a lot of talk about coconut oil and that went viral, but the Ravens truly use Asia because it's the fruit of all oils, it's the best oil they use... Assessing me on their hair, their skin everywhere, they don't use coconut, and so that's really the real willing ingredient, but... So for me, I tried it and I thought it was very interesting. But for me, it wasn't enough, probably 'cause clinically, I have a scientific background and there's really no scientific studies on it, but... So what I did was I was fascinated myself and I started experimenting and putting different herbs and extracts along with the oil because it was more effective, like club we use in dentistry, oil-foregone things that are very high in antibacterial antiseptic properties.

So it's not playing oil, because if you didn't do the 20 minutes that they recommended, are you doing loyal pulling?

So this way with our formula, you can do 30 seconds a minute or two, you'll still have a benefit because for me, it's so much better than regular mouth rinse water-based... Or has alcohol in it? I never saw a difference with my patients, the people that use mouth, regular mouth Marash and didn't... So if I don't see it, I don't see it and feel it, I don't believe it, I'm very skeptical. But when I tried using the oil, I honestly felt a difference in 30 seconds, so that's why I created the oral rents because I wasn't gonna make a mouth friends because I don't believe I leave it.

And honestly, it does not get plaque off, you have to mechanically touch the puck to remove it, a lot of people don't know that, they think that just rinsing will help, but it doesn't what the marketing says on the... Right, right, exactly. And I always give the analogy, which is really good, it's like if you're in a car wash and you just bring your car down with a hose, opposed to you taking a towel or a sponge and scripting comic, touching it... Yeah, that's gonna remove the dirt, but if you just rinse, it doesn't come off, 'cause plaque is very sticky and it doesn't stove that way, analogy, and that's a good... Always the car analogy.

But as opposed to when you go to the dentist to get your teeth clean, they're in there and they're doing all the work in there, and you feel so different like, Wow, I just went through the car wash and I got my car detailed at ExactTarget, and you completely feel different.

I totally touched those teeth, so that's a really good point. So is that the same feeling when you go through that oil pulling... Yeah, the oil pulling to me, even after 30 seconds with our form, my lonely, you feel like you just brushed your teeth, it... That's really incredible, even though it's not removing the plaque, it helps to prevent the bacteria from building up because of the oil is almost like wax on a car, and the properties of the antibacterial antimicrobial properties that helps as well to back to your build-up.

So when you say pulling... And forgive it for a... All this again, 'cause I'm thinking of tooth loss, when you say oil pulling, so is it literal numbers, you never pull your fastest... Talk about that too, actually. So I'm a teething.

So how do I work my teeth?

How do I do this? But the oil point... To walk me through that.

Well, they believe that it pulls... They're supposed to pull toxins out of your body by wishing with the oil for 20 minutes, but... And I honestly say if you took water in your mouth for 20 minutes and switched it, you would feel cleaner, but the oil, it's thicker, it's denser and it mixes with your saliva, but again, with the urban extracts is just like... For 20 to Southern, you're getting more than just oil.

Got it.

Okay, I see, but it is... I had to come around that... Yeah. Take it comes to pulling.

So what about flossing?

Okay, don't for us.

Yeah, there's a certain way to do and most people don't know how to floss properly, and when you flow us first, you should always saw it in... You should never hurt. Flossing should never hurt. People always tell me, Oh, I lost... It hurts, no, it's not supposed to hurt and it's never supposed to leave your tooth actually, so it never goes into the gum that's because you don't have the right angle if you're doing it that way, and if you're bleeding when you floss, 'cause you're not flossing enough it's like people get afraid, they see they lost, they bleed and they go, I'm not flossing anymore.

No, you have to flush... That's why you're bleeding.

So basically, you saw the floss in between your teeth first, and then you make a Sea around the tooth and make sure it's against the tooth, not straight out or like a van, then you wipe the plaque off the side of the tooth, that's what flossing for. And then you flip it to the other side without taking your going, and then you do the other side, and the mechanical way that you're rubbing the Fasano tooth is gonna remove the bacteria, if it's straight out, you're missing the whole thing, it'll get food out and things like that, but that's really not what flossing is for. 'cause the toothbrush when you brush gets front and back of your teeth, and the flaws is supposed to get the other side of the tooth, 'cause really five services, but we don't think that way. Everybody lamenting front and back, but a tooth really has the two sides, the front back and the top chewing surface or a close one now and again, it's so great to really think about it your anatomically, it's not front and back, and it's not just your front teeth which most people, they look at their front teeth, I don't remember, they have teeth in the back, the back like, Oh, let's just work on what we see, but... Right, everything is important.

And we say, ignore them and they'll go away.

And that's what we're saying.

What he's saying... He just had this conversation yesterday. In life, right? You can't ignore it. Or it gets bigger and bigger.

So from lossy, how do you... That's one way to get plaque off, are there other instruments that we can use to get plaque off our teeth, well, the toothbrush that the two persons on the main things, and the port and the oil rig, and then we have the games or... Which is extremely important, which really nobody else has, and I don't know why, because that is the thing that will make your gums the healthiest because it stimulates the gum tissue and keeps it healthy and strong, it's exercise for the guns, and if your gums are unhealthy, your teeth don't stay in, so I think people have this focus of their teeth all the time, they forget about their COMMS, which is really more important, but we're all so vain and now we want beautiful TT that it's so important that your gums are healthy, 'cause that's the foundation of everything for your whole body helps, it may have told you this before, but you wouldn't remember... When I was younger, and I had braces forever, forever, but I was an aggressive pressure 'cause I want... And then I ended up rushing into my game recession... Yes, right. And a lot of people do, that's very normal, 'cause we think the harder the better, and it's not necessarily true, and that's something that in my opinion, the dental profession, I take that it's us failing to teach the proper way, it all comes from the care provider and this is something that we try to reach the younger generation and the children and teach them in the proper way, like our sonic teeth brush, for instance, is small and small and compact and it's effective, but yet gentle because your gums are tissue and your tooth is a hard surface, so there are two completely opposite things that need to completely... Types of care. Different types of care.

So our sonic toothbrush, because it's so great, if you push down too hard on it, it will stop, the bristles will stop, so you can't hurt the gums by brushing too hard, 'cause we think... That leads me to another question. So the tooth brushes that the sonic one, those electronic toothbrushes. So those are the ones that you recommend if... Yeah, and that's why I have the sonic to pushing on a manual, 'cause people really destroy their teeth and their gums more so than their teeth, but they destroy the gum tissue by putting too much pressure on a manual brush.

And if you use a manual Bruch, I just say, Just hold it like a pen. So you don't hold it like a, gripping it hard like that, 'cause then you'll put less pressure on it, 'cause it's the pressure that hurts the gums, and then you get a conversation, you get sensitive teeth. And a bath, I can write a book about that. Don't take your aggressions out when you're rushing your team, say, Well, this is a great, interesting information, and right now we have to take a quick break, but more in just a money... Don't go away more of a Audrey Unger.

Welcome back to the mother's market podcast. And we wanna remind you that if you missed any portion of today's show, you can find us on iTunes by searching mother's market or download the show from our website, mother's market dot com, click the link for podcast and listen to past shows, plus download our Healthy Recipes and money savings coupons, all available at mother's market dot com. And now back to our interview with Dale Audrey, and we're talking about oral fitness, and this is just something that people don't bring up a lot, and I love this topic, they explain why we choose to develop fluoride-free products.

Well, fluoride and access is harmful and toxic, so we choose not to put fluoride in because you get it naturally from things that you eat and water that you drink and in excess, there's reports that it affects your IQ and in your bones, it's constantly stored in your body, you can't get rid of it. So yeah, there's other things that can happen from too much fluid in your body, so the toothpaste that's in fluoride, if people read the back of the tooth paste, it'll say If Swallowed call poison control, and we only use a pot, which is like... No, most people, the two-page companies who, if you watch the commercials, the two-face is always covering the whole top of the brush on... In reality, it should be like one eighth of the size, so those people are gonna be ingesting and especially kids, kids are gonna eat toothpaste are not gonna be able to spit it all out, so this is all ingested... It's stored in the body. And it's really not good for you.

Which again, we don't hear that, and if you have problems... Actually, I know personally, sometimes my dentist will say, you need a little bit more fluid. Why would you say that? Yeah, I don't know, I question is proven to reduce sensitivity for people... In my opinion, if you're going through radiation therapy and you have massive amounts of cavities and things like ramp and decay, that could be a prescription item, that's something that they will treat you for, that's a different issue, but for somebody normally that's not getting cavities or any I don't know why they would say that only, but it is interesting though to say, and I do know those commercials out there, they're putting the to based on the two questions. So yeah, I didn't realize that. And call poison control.

It's right there in it. Why would they write that? If they didn't have any problem with Brighton, promote the time, and I promote a healthy diet more than I promote, let's get rid of the problem before it becomes a problem. Look into treating it when you can just avoid eating a lot of sugar and things like that, if you're gonna have a rinse your mouth out with water at least, 'cause it takes 20 minutes, the bacteria build up and the asset produces and you get cavity. So I think a lot of people should pay more attention to what they eat rather than putting chemicals in their mouth, that's just my opinion.

And that's a really good point.

How long should we spend brushing our teeth... Well, you're supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes a day, so in the morning, two minutes at night, two minutes, flossing shouldn't take you that long. I hold really, if you're doing a properly, you're probably under a minute again, 30 seconds to a minute is the proper way to floss the games or that we recommend... I always try to make it easy for people, in fact, in our brochure, we have a regiment, a regime to go down and follow the instructions and the games that we recommend, you can put it in your car and while you're driving, you can stimulate... Or you can leave it at home night next year, night stand and do it when you want it to be, and read... Everyone's so busy today, everyone's on their phones so much. You just pick up a gummer and you'll just avoid having gum problems, which will save you time in the dental office, but besides that, your body is healthier, you stay healthy, and I always try to just break it up. A lot of people like to oil pull for 20 minutes, and... That's great. That's a long time. 20 minutes. Most cannot do that. A lot of people tell me they love to get in the shower, put it in their mouth first thing in the morning and do it while they're in the shower, I don't do it for that long, and I just think consistency is very important. You don't wanna start off oil point for 20 minutes and next week you're not doing it at all, or do it for 30 seconds, do it for a minute, do find a routine that you're gonna stick with... 'cause that's what's important. I tell my patients, I never tell my patients, Okay, start flossing every day, even though you should floss every day, you really should, and most people don't tell them start off every other day, 'cause what's gonna happen after a while as you're gonna... Mentally, you're gonna say, Hey, you know, I feel better when I lost, I feel cleaner, I'm gonna do it. And that's how you get yourself to be in a half... It's like working out, same thing, you... You don't start with 20-pound weight to start with a five-pane way, and then you move up and then... And that's the way it should be in your mouth, you gotta just take it easy, night bombard people with too many things and do this, do that, 'cause you won't do anything.

Right, it's too much, but... But again, it goes back to educating people and then they know why they're doing it, what exactly... And they feel the difference. I would always tell people, I would always show people in the chair, this is the right way to floss, this is how you do it, this is how you do it, but then a lot of people stop there, I will give a piece of lost to the patient after I show them, I go, Okay, now you show me... And they can't do it.

So I can tell you what to do all day long, but if you don't do it, and if you don't hold it with the most games or I'll take people's hands and I'll say, This is how it feels. This is what you have to feel. This is how you have to do it. You're not gonna know the proper way... That's our negligence. That's how I feel about it.

So what's your youngest audience or who's... At what point do you start really educating kids, kids should be really taught early three years, they should be in the dental office getting just a cleaning because you don't wanna wait for them to be... To have pain to bring them in, then game over, I'll never wanna go... If you bring them when they're not in pain and then you have fun with them and you teach them and you make it a fun thing and show them the right way, hopefully you instill a good pattern of healthy, healthy oral care.

Right, right, right. Now, I think of Finding Nemo, not giving kids candy to shut them up, oh my gosh, a lot of people do that all the time, Oh, I'll just buy them candy sticking in the method by something, sugar Livonia, all at least. It gets me crazy when I see that kids eating all this candy and then they have all these these cavities and they have to have crowns, you ever see kids young with gold crowns in their mouth, it's sad, really scary, and I have to hold them down... Yeah, the kids, my mother's put them to bed with a bottle, which we're not supposed to with juice or milk, with the sugar and just it totally destroys their mouth and by five years old, they have... Crowns is poor kids. I don't know how they sit in the chair, they have to knock them out, they have to put them under to fix their teeth in such a young age, it's horrible, I just don't even give it... You know, that's the way I feel. I do go there, and then actually it goes back to my Meredith's too, I even think back to some marketing campaigns as well, where you see babies going to bed with their little bottles... Water. Yeah, Jews, no app. Even though it's healthy apple juice, I got a lot of shuttering... Oh my gosh, yeah. You don't do that.

Absolutely, yeah, you're dispelling a lot of rumors or... I think now things have turned and... But it's just really educating is talking to people and... Yeah, get them while they're young.

Right, exactly.

And so, yeah, we're talking about why it's important for children to be taught these healthy habits, but what about going and do... I know you have your mobile, I wanna talk a little bit about that. What happens when you get into here? Your car or your... Yeah, that's kind of part right now, we're... We're getting together programs where we're gonna go to the schools and teach oral fitness, good oral fitness. We're getting that together now. We have... That's one of the things on our whiteboard there, so we wanna get out and teach at an early age because it's really, really important that the kids are taught this, so... Okay, that is the next question on the development, the white board for Dale Audrey. So in oral fitness, what does that look like? What's next? Yeah, we're really busy. We have a lot of great exciting things, I'm so excited. We just launched our oral care, first natural oral care patent pending products with hemp oil. So we're really excited about that. So the benefits of hemp cleats D, those are extremely important and it's effective because it's put into the mouths of absorb quickest in the mouth, 'cause the mouth is very vascular. That's why I explain that they put my nitroglycerin under the tongue because it's 20 seconds in your blood stream, so it's really important you get the best ingredients and the best formula in your mouth. So we're releasing that, we also quickly... We also percolation for Mayor lemon row, so we're really excited about that and wanna get that out, it's a glamour beauty oral care line that we're really excited. We have another patent pending, really crazy crazy line that we're gonna release right after Expo, and then we're gonna get on the road, and we really want to... We have on the whiteboard also facilities that we want to start all over really globally to teach people and give them better oral health solutions that are inexpensive and more natural, so we have a lot on the fore.

I think that's a... Partially, again, no time like the present.

And exactly, I mean, I think if we talk about the children, but what about elderly too? I'm sensitive to this, I tell everybody that my mom has Alzheimer's, and I think there's an area that they're forgotten a... Well, we don't forget them, and we say anybody that has a mouth is... We even have our pet products and we don't... We don't forget about our pets too, because a lot of people do, it's very expensive to have your pet's teeth cleaned, and so we have products to help keep that at a low because it's so expensive and then you have to put them to a... I was gonna see the knock-out ottoman, and sometimes they don't come, I don't wanna be.

But yeah, it's very important to take care of their teeth because they can't do it, and so we try to educate them, and then the elderly, of course, there are so many things that they need, they have a lot... Sometimes they have a lot of tooth loss because dentistry wasn't what it is at... Yeah, they've lost a lot of teeth. They have partials, met lady yesterday that had an infection from an implant, she was crazy, and it gets very expensive, and in the elderly that it's expensive, they can't fix or finish work, but we don't forget that we have products for every... From every age, from young to elderly, and we will in the future too, with our mobile units, go to facilities where the elderly, they're bed-ridden or the homes where they can't go out for the proper dental care. So we're gonna hit that.

That My gosh, this is what we have a lot. There's only one of you, you need to come in at a one... That's exciting. Is there any type of two paces that you recommend... Mine.

Yeah, I know where that. Oates, do you have one kind? Or do you have percentage? Do you have... What does that look like? The IRS is a mineralized toothpaste, we have two past and powder, but our ingredients are so good that you can literally eat it, really? It's totally non-toxic, it's no poisoned in the right ear, the best is not too abrasive. We have great flavors, we have ginger lemon grass, we have cinnamon and Mint, a bubble gum, and we're making some other flavors for kids to get them excited and about brushing their teeth, but it's really important, the ingredients that go in and our ingredients are... So they're the best of the best. There's nothing bad.

Oh my God.

And like I said, and it's the mechanical motion of taking the black off, but it's also the ingredients that are... You're absorbing and you're ingesting. So the two together, of course, I'm gonna...

I have one last question, and this is a personal question. Is your father was a period... Honest EDD, he see you is hastily... Must be just absolutely so over the moon to see what's going on in your life or to have so congratulations. And I'm so proud of what you've done and continued success for you, I wish that for you.

So thank you so much for your time and some great advice, and we really appreciate your knowledge and look forward to having you on again, but in the meantime, please go to Dale's website, it is Dale, Audrey dot com, simple. And lobes only these... Actually, I should spell that out of Dale, Audrey dot com, and we look forward to your next visit. Thank you so much for having me. I always a pleasure to be here, thank you.

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