Jordan Rubin on Healing Thyself

April 9th 2016

Hosted by Kimberly King with guest, Jordan Rubin. Rubin regarded by many as one of the most respected and beloved natural health experts in America. His battle and triumph over Crohn’s disease has resonated with millions around the world and is one of the most dramatic natural health stories ever told. A successful entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, international motivational speaker and television personality, Jordan’s message of health and wellness is a beacon to the masses looking for answers that will help them take control of their health.

The advice and informational content does not necessarily represent the views of mother's market and kitchen mother's recommends consulting your health professional for your personal medical condition. Lim Kimberly King and welcome to the mother's market radio show, a show dedicated to the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the human condition. On today's show, if you've ever considered supplementing your diet and finding out the latest way to do so, the healthy way, then this is your show, less... Later will tell you what's going on around town. But first up, Jordan Reuben, one of America's most recognized in respected natural health experts, the New York Times best-selling author of The Maker's Diet and 24 additional titles, including his latest work, planet heal thyself, the revolution of regeneration, embodied mind and planned. teaches the foundational principles of healthy living and environmental stewardship.

Jordan has lectured on natural health and five comments and 46 states in the US. Jordan is the founder of Garden of Life, a leading whole food nutritional supplement company, and beyond organic, a vertically integrated organic food and beverage company. In 2015, Jordan launched a get real nutrition and certified organic non-GMO real food nutrition company utilizing cutting-edge fermentation technology, produced in an indoor nutrient farm located on Central California's coast and heal the planet farm. A regenerative permaculture retreat located in Missouri, Ozark mountains within the 4000-acre beyond organic rant. And we welcome him to the mother's market radio show.

Jordan, how are you? It's good to be here. It's great to have you here, why don't you fill our audience in a little bit on your mission and work before we get to the show's topic.

Absolutely, I got into natural health probably in a similar fashion as so many... I was definitely ill about 21 years ago, tried conventional medicine had failed, natural cures failed, and ultimately met a man who told me that if I ate a diet like the Bible says, that's been proven through history and confirmed by science, I could be... Well, I was suffering from Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, parasitic bacterial viral fungal infections, nothing worked. I was 104 pounds in a wheelchair at 6 feet one inch tall, and really wanted to die, and I was trapped in a prison that was my own body, and when I started to eat what I would now call a real food diet, and I started to get my gut, right, things happened very quickly. So in 40 days, I overcame my illnesses and I committed to share a message of health and hope with anyone who would listen, and so over the last nearly 20 years, I have delved into the whole food... Real Food Nutrition movements, not only have I been able to share this message across the world, but I've been able to put it into practice, not only in coaching people back to health, but in becoming an organic farmer myself, which has been a real adventure, and now we're taking that knowledge of Ancient Wisdom meets modern technology and creating real foods in a convenient form people can use, and it is with an eye towards physical regeneration, but also environmental regeneration, which is really what we're all looking for.

Wow, that's incredible. And so one of my first questions, How old were you when all this happened?

I was 19 when I was diagnosed, just about... Just in my sophomore year of college, and it was absolutely devastating to lose everything that was important to me at the time, but I wish that I... Practice is still today. Our greatest adversities often bring about our most amazing opportunities, so it was a living hell, no doubt for two days, two years, I just was in a 24-hour nightmare every single day, but I realized how devastating illness can be to a person, and it motivated me to go get well and just find that one person who I could help overcome disease or better yet, avoid it, and in that process... So we're talking about your health story and your revolution to regeneration in that... How long did that take for you to take... You went through the regular route that pretty much Americans will go through... You went through the medical. I absolutely... And that was actually by desperation, I was so ill And so really emaciated, I had no choice, but we really saw natural treatments, but those didn't work either, and it was really frustrating, I went around the world trying alternative medical options and they promised a lot and left me, worse each time. So it was very interesting that I went back to the roots of our health, which is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is really what got me well, and it started with food, and I realized all of these amazing compounds and nutrients that was supposed to get me well, didn't food did, and so I've spent the rest of the last 20 years helping people not only improve their diets, but be able to consume the very best hole or real food nutrients in a convenient supplement form, because unfortunately, we're still a pill popping society, but the dietary choices that people may have changed for the better in the last, I would say, five to 10 years, and there's so much more awareness of what we do still confusion, still people wondering if it's Paleo or if it's vegan, or somewhere in between.

But the principles of real health are becoming much more prevalent and it's really good for all of us, so within this revolution of regeneration, and you have talked about What's Hilary... What does that mean to you?

Well, I think we live in a system of degeneration, so our soil is really depleted today, maybe 90% to plead it over the last 50 years.

So 10-fold depletion.

I also believe over the last 50 years, our incidences of incurable inflammatory autoimmune, even neurological diseases, gut disorders has increased by ten-fold, so the same decrease in soil health has led to an increase in disease, and I think that that's... No coincidence. So the revolution of regeneration is really about regenerating our health and the planet simultaneously, and in our mission, we talk about these 10 promises, and in my new book, planet held myself, it's 10 simple steps to transform your body, mind and plan it.

You can do it for selfish reasons, and a by-product will be a healthier world, I like that it's giving back, but also giving back to ourselves and the planet.


What standards do you feel are important in the manufacturing of supplements, this is tricky because there are so many great health food stores, and mothers is certainly one of my favorites in all the world, and I've been in over 1000... I think people who are very conscious of eating organic, non-GMO, they go and buy their produce a certain way, but they just assume that most, if not all supplements are organic, when the truth is maybe about 1% of supplements are organic, and so we decided to put forth what we call get real nutrition 10 promises.

So we became the first full line of supplements that is certified organic, we're also non-GMO, we also believe that there are many individuals today, whether they truly are not, who believe that they're gluten intolerant gluten-sensitive, so we're a gluten-free line, we're a plant base line we are a sprouted product line, and our entire product line utilizes fermentation that we do in our own indoor nutrient farm, which is truly amazing. We are also free of the eight common allergens, which lead to 90% of allergic reaction, so we won't wanna be really, really safe.

Fermentation already eliminates a lot of negative, but we believe that having an allergen-free product is very, very critical. Our products are handmade. I think people, when they look at their diets, they prefer to buy artisanal air loom, hand-made foods is why we go to farmers markets, that's why we shop around the corners of health food stores, and I think that's important, so we have real people making our real foods into real supplements. And lastly, this is a big part of what we do, we believe in the environment and the stewardship we need to have, so get real nutrition, launched a first ever eco-regenerative packaging.

So if you hold a carton of kit real nutrition, you might think that it's empty, but it's not... We decided to think outside the bottle and we package our products in compostable cartons and a recyclable inner pouch, cutting down 90% of plastics, and we're working on completely compostable packaging with a dream of taking a get real nutrition product. Composting the packaging, planting a seed in it, growing a food that goes and get real nutrition products, we call that... Today's packaging becomes tomorrow's nutrition.

Excellent, very much thinking toward the future, and so those are what we call our 10 promises of Get real nutrition.

Unlike it, very good. What are some botanicals that are important for metabolism and fitness?

Well, we have a really unique product line and we have broken it up into four categories, One is real probiotic, which is the first certified organic real food, non-animal source probiotics, it's a plant-based certified organic probate, the first of its kind, even the capsules organic and we have four of those coming in immune, brain fit and cleanse, then we've got multi-metabolite, which is a very unique product, and I'll talk about the importance of botanicals in a moment, this is a powder that you can use as a smooth boost in Veggie juice, you can consume it in water, serial, you name it, which gives us 28 to 44 fermented botanicals, things that I could never get my diet, but I wish I could, and those also come in for... Then we have fermented super juice, which is 33 organic vegetable and fruit juices, because when I share in a seminar, which I did at mothers not long, ask people Raise your hand if you drink juice every day, I raise my hand because even when I'm on the road I drink juice, but probably 10% of the people raise their hand if I ask, How many of you wish you did, it's everybody. It's cleaning, it's inconvenient. So we created a powder that gives you 33 organic vegetable and produces in an organic form that can be mixed in juice or replaced us really, really great. And again, that would be in the four different products, immune, brain cleans and fit, and lastly, real Omega, which is the first of its kind, plant-based certified organic Omega 369 capsules.

So the idea is that if you consume every day one real probiotic, one multi-metabolite, one fermented super juice and one relegate, you can do it in 10 minutes, and I'll show you how later you're getting 70 or more certified organic fermented vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and sprouted seeds, the average American eats 12 to 14 foods a day, over and over and over, 70 foods, the diversity, the energy, if we believe in Homeopathy herbalism, there's subtle energy that food brings, and when you consume botanicals, particularly spices and herbs, they boost your metabolism. But in addition, we ferment these botanicals to pre-metabolize them, which makes them more absorbable for people, and we do it with powerful tonic mushrooms, so there's a lot to what we're doing here, everything is unique and innovative, but when people consume these products, we like to say that you should get real with nutrition, you can feel... Because I'm tired of people saying, I take a multi for insurance, I take it amicus, I'm supposed to botanicals that are fermented, I believe will give you a subtle explosion of energy and without caffeine and without stimulants as well, you've gotta try it to see the results.

I love it, you have your slogans for everything, but yeah, you're walking a word of some, but you haven't really hit on everything with the sprouting, and then of course with the mushrooms and really with all the shows we've done, you really have... It feels like you've hit on every aspect of really what get real nutrition is all about, and this is where things are going. If you look around and we're sitting in a place that is surrounded by new innovative products, and all we see or an over against browed fermented organic, it's here... I've been talking about it for a long time, a lot of us have, but now it's here, and so for us, it was really important to think of everything, we also, in our fermentation process have five unique steps that you'll really say, Wait a minute, this is all being done in this fermentation process, but I've had 20 years experience in the last six and a half to think about if I were to create a product line, what would I wanna take... Now, when I started Garden of Life, which is the leading brand in health food stores today, I didn't know what I didn't know, I was 21 years old, and so now taking a step back, I wanted to create a product line that the independent health food store owners and managers can be proud of that practitioners would love to recommend and that customers never knew they always wanted... That's it, because they didn't think it was available. But now it is... Yeah, it has everything in it. Well, this is great, we have to take a quick break, but this is great information, we will be right back with more... With Jordan Rubin to stay with us.

And welcome back to the mother's market radio show. And we wanna remind you that if you've missed any portion of today's show, you can find us on iTunes by searching mother's market or download the show from our website, mother's market dot com, click the link for radio and listen to the past shows. Plus download our Healthy Recipes and money savings coupons, all available at mother's market dot com. And now, back to our interview with Jordan Rubin, and we're talking about healthy food supplements, and your company is fascinating and you've done so many great things. Let's talk a little bit about metabolites.

People are very surprised when I tell them that Plants contain two groups of nutrients or beneficial compounds, hido nutrients and micronutrients, and then when I tell them that pianists are more important, they're a little bit surprised.

Micronutrients or vitamins and minerals, we know they're important, we've known it for 80 years, but I would argue that our consumption of vitamins and minerals has not led to great health... Last 80 years have been pitiful. What is it in plants that make them truly beneficial, I believe it's photo nutrients, otherwise known as metabolites.

Plants have enemies, and when plants want to do battle and protect themselves, they create metabolites, metabolites typically are represented by various colors and flavors, so when you consume plant foods, a variety of colors and a variety of tastes, mean a variety of metabolites. metabolites are the future of medicine. Here's why I know that plants can be burned by the sun, they can be eaten by insects or animals, humans to... Plants can be crowded out of nutrients by weeds and they're really under belly, their roots can be destroyed by microorganisms, they create metabolites such as curcumin and turmeric with analytes and Asiana, jesenice and ginseng egg and green tea, etcetera. To protect themselves, and when you eat those, you inherit the power of nature.

Wow, That's powerful right there. And it's true. So these are the ones that... The metabolites are basically what you're saying, are the ones that fight everything off... Absolutely, and when you go to an IR Vedic or traditional Chinese practitioner, they will diagnose you through visual, look at your eyes, look at your hands, look at your feet, they'll check your pulse, your tongue, they'll talk to you the old way of doing it, they never say, you need more vitamin D, B12. They never talk about Vitamin C, they give you plants, Oshawa, Ganda, astragalus, cinnamon, and those plant foods move you into balance. And what's doing it? They're metabolites.

So in fact, we believe that instead of a multi-vitamin, you should look to a multi-metabolite first, and that's what we created, because that gives you the 28 to 44 organic fermented plant foods.

Frankly, I get vitamins and minerals in my diet, everybody does even junk food eaters, but what they don't get are the multi-pigmented colored and tasting herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. That's what we don't get. So multi-metabolite, whether it's immune, loaded with for minute astragalus Turkey Tail mushroom, Oshawa, Ganda, turmeric for mental green tea, all of these amazing compounds... I don't get those. So that's the definition of a supplement. Brain formula has Lion's Mane, mushroom and fermented Perry Winkle, which has been positive. It has fermented Gino, bacup, and then Turin and many other sasanian. Amazing part of our fermented cleanse formula and multi-metabolites, multi-metabolite fit has fermented cinnamon, which is awesome, these fermented herbs unlock the potential within these foods to make them available to us...

Oh my gosh, we could have a whole show on just that part of it, I can't we... I have so many questions.

Is on this... Oh my gosh, cinnamon, I've heard amazing things.

It's really amazing, but the challenge with herbs and spices were a kingdom unto ourselves and we act like at the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom is not closely related to us, so I had an idea... Fungi are amazing, mushrooms are amazing, but the roots of fungi, the mycelia, are a different kingdom into themselves, a fungi, a different kingdom, and it shares characteristics of plants and animals. This is old school biology, we use fungi to bring the nutrients, hido nutrients and micro-nutrients from plants to a form absorbable by humans, so we are pre-digesting and pre-metabolizing them when you see term rock out there, which is the number one selling botanical. It's a space, they use certain delivery systems, liposomes, my cells, all these various sort of engineered ways to deliver the turmeric, they add pepper to increase absorption, but what if we could take turmeric and ferment it in the presence of organic sprouted seeds that already have oils, it would be a humanized version of turmeric, but here's the best part, instead of taking a small fraction of Terre called curcumin, which is a metabolite, isolating it and throwing the rest away, take a 100 pounds of turmeric, throw away 97 pounds to get the three... What if we're wrong? What if curcumin is only one of the beneficial parts of turmeric, we get it all, so every single... Or we put through our fermentation process, you start with a pond and with the pound, and we have a five-step process that makes those botanicals come to life.

Wow, that's powerful, isn't it? Oh my gosh, incredible.

Okay, so I see, you definitely have a program here that... Yeah. You have taken it to the next level.

So let's describe this process of the sprouting and the fermentation... Absolutely.

So we have two processes. We utilize one is called the micro biome transformation system, so mycological biomass is what we're creating, so we take botanicals and we utilize juices, organic juices, so either lover juice or a mix of fruit and vegetable juices, and the seeds that are present begin to germinate or become activated sprouting activates nutrients and really un-wraps the gifts of nature, so we start by doing that, then we introduce a process we call thermal liberation, it's the old art of decoction in traditional Chinese and irvan herbalism. What it does is it liberates the water-soluble active ingredients from the botanical, but they're not removed, they're loosened up, then we initiate this my Celia fermentation, which could take as long as 90 days. And the transformation is incredible. If you visit real nutrition dot com, you can see the process of starting point to finish, and fermentation is amazing, fermentation can take gluten out of wheat bread, it can make sour crowd powerful. When the cabbage came from was just, Okay, sources, four times better than cabbage in nourishing the body, all you added to the cabbage was water in time, not on salt to and not thymus. That would be good. It's time, this fermentation process that we incorporate, you see visible changes in addition to the herbs and spices being fermented, the fungi infuse the product with antioxidant enzymes such as catalase, glutathione and Sod, polysaccharides glycoproteins, beta Lukens, alpha, Lukens, Triton IDs, orgasm, which is pre-vitamin D all of these compounds that were not in the plant before are now in there, and last but not least, while we're fermenting, because we believe that foods in nature experience the sounds, lights and color frequencies of our amazing universe, I would say incorporate that into our process. And while these fungi and these cultures are growing, we play specific sound, color and light frequencies to them 24 hours a day, and what happens is this frequency, we believe, infuses into the growing culture, and to us now that's emerging science, but we know one day it'll be proven, because we all have heard, at least we were told back in the day, when you play classical music to plants, they grow and flourish when you play heavy metal, they just... You, when you're mean to a plant, you say, you're a bad tree, you're not... Travels up, but when you say, Oh, I love you so much. grows and the truth, people do say that there's a lot of evidence, particularly with motors work, which he started in the hidden messages in water, that there is a memory, there is a transfer of energy within aqueous Solutions, which is a liquid, and we believe that by exposing our growing cultures to this amazing set of frequencies that something is happening, something positive, and we didn't wanna leave any stone unturned and get real nutrition, but at the end of the day, what matters is how you feel. And I promised earlier that we would talk about getting real with your health in 10 minutes, so if you go to get real nutrition dot com, or if a mothers, you pick up one of our copies of Get real magazine, we have smoothie recipes, dairy, non-dairy, they're amazing, and we utilize wonderful ingredients, so what we recommend you do is you consume a smooth, you make the smoothie based on the ingredients at granulation dot com in our get real magazine, and you add one scoop of multi-metabolite of your choice, one scoop of fermented super juice of your choice while you're drinking, you consume three real probiotic capsules and three real Omega capsules and that's it, 10 minutes over 70 fermented organic veggie juices, fruit juices, herbs, spices, sprouted seeds all in one, and you have just increased the variety of photo and micro-nutrients you consume on a daily basis by a factor of six perhaps, and you can do it every day, easily, it can be added to your current supplement regimen or replace the one you already have, it's simple, it's easy, it's organic, it's real. And when you support get real nutrition, you're supporting not only organic non-GMO real food, but you're supporting the environment, and we have an amazing farm, a regenerative permaculture retreat, where we are putting the Get real nutrition principles into action and training the next generation of organic farmers and this, I know this is a lot of information, but if you're interested in learning about ways to transform your body mind and plan it while supplies last at any mother's market, with the purchase of a get real nutrition product, you get a copy of my brand new book, planet heal thyself, the revolution of regeneration in body mind and Planet 10 simple steps to transform your health and the health of the planet we live in.

Excellent. Wow, well, you are definitely transforming this generation and then hopefully the next... So thank you for all of the work you do. You're doing and what you've done, and thank you for your time today. Some great advice and we really appreciate your knowledge and look forward to having you on again in the meantime... Get more information on the website. It is called Get real nutrition dot com, and we look forward to your next visit.

Thanks, Kim, I appreciate it, thank you.

Thanks for listening to the mother's market radio show, and for shopping at mother's market, the advice and informational content does not necessarily represent the views of mother's market and kitchen, mother's recommends consulting, health professional for your personal medical condition.