What it Means to be B Corp Certified

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Clover Sonoma B Corp Certified

Mother's is proud to partner with brands paving the way for a sustainable future, and Clover Sonoma is one such brand. Clover Sonoma, believes business can be a force for good. The company's mission is to use their best knowledge to produce quality dairy products that honor their care for the animals, environment, family farms, and communities they serve. They are proud to be a certified business guided by this philosophy over three generations of family ownership.


What's B Corp certified mean anyway?

Certified B Corporations represent a new (conscious!) way to do business—one that balances purpose and profit. It also represents a new way to help conscious consumers make purchasing decisions that matter to them. Becoming B Corp certified is no easy task. Businesses are judged and scored on how their practices impact their community, environment, and workers. Clover Sonoma is proud to have been B Corp certified since 2016—and consumers should feel good knowing that they're drinking milk from a company whose practices are as good as the produce.

B Corp businesses believe that companies have a responsibility to the planet and must be transparent and open. In addition, they believe that employees deserve more than the bare minimum. B Corps are for-profit companies, who have met great standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, which are certified by the nonprofit, B Lab. 

With this certification, Clover Sonoma joins a growing movement to redefine success in business with one unifying goal: to show that organizations can operate as a force for good, and reflect a culture of durable prosperity for all. This goal aligns with the foundational tenets upon which Clover was built. For generations, Clover has championed a healthy, sustainable way of life for its partner producer dairy farms, the land, and the animals. Deeply rooted in the community, Clover also places paramount importance on generously giving back.

Taking this step further demonstrates Clover's dedication to excellence, and a commitment to provide the cleanest, healthiest, freshest dairy products available to consumers. Clover is proud to represent the esteemed B Corp Certified insignia on its products.

It's important to Mother's that customers get the highest quality and most thoughtfully made products from companies that care just as much about their workers and the earth. To learn more about the strides Clover Sonoma made in 2019, see this impact report. See the impact report here.


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