Steps to Decrease Your Environmental Impact

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

100% Post-consumer Recycled Plastic Water Bottles

Learning how to best take care of our planet in the new year is a great resolution to have, and there are a huge number of little things you can do in your day-to-day life to help decrease the environmental impact you leave on the Earth. You can choose to use more reusable items rather than disposable, for instance. Most people at this point know it’s helpful to use reusable straws and grocery bags. You can extend this by bringing your own reusable containers to stores and purchasing products that come in compostable or reusable packaging. Use the packaging as containers for leftovers at home, or use them for storage purposes around the house.

To take it a step further, you might decide to look into next steps like improving the energy-saving mechanics of your home, setting up a compost bin in your backyard or kitchen, making a rainwater-collection tub to use for watering your plants, and maybe even getting an eco-friendly car if you’re in the market for one. But most importantly, the choices we make in where our food comes from and what companies we support have a huge impact on protecting our planet. When you buy mindfully crafted foods and drinks from companies dedicated to sustainability, you send a message into the world not only demanding that other companies follow suit, but also showing that you care about what’s really important.

OXIGEN Water is one company that focuses on sustainability. In addition to being recyclable, OXIGEN bottles are made using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, so you can buy in confidence that you are not contributing to or supporting the world’s production of virgin plastic, which remains one of the top threats to the environment. Rather than creating more plastic, of which we already have too much, it’s a valuable act to work towards recycling the plastic we have already produced and used, rather than simply throwing it away to sit in a landfill, unable to decompose. Even the plastic shrink wrap in OXIGEN’s products uses 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, they are very close to soon using post-consumer recycled plastic in their labels, and they produce their bottles on-site so as to avoid the carbon footprint of shipping.

The other best way to shop sustainably is to buy foods grown organically and locally. Foods that come to you from local farms and producers don’t need to travel as far to get from the ground to your plate, which significantly cuts down on shipping emissions. Not only that, but supporting your local farmers and businesses directly puts dollars back into the community near you, creating a circle of support that keeps your community alive in a time when your local businesses need help the most.

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