Rethinking Water

Monday, April 5, 2021

Alkaline88 Rethinking Water

New Year’s Eve gets all the resolutions but in truth spring, with budding flora and freshly planted gardens, is universally the season of rebirth and renewal. And for the spring of 2021, with each of us having endured a challenging year, that renewal feels especially vital. Getting out and experiencing daily life, beyond our pods and our zoom calls, is the welcome change we all need for a stronger commitment to wellness. And for healthier spirits, minds, and bodies.

And since we’re in a resetting frame of mind, perhaps it’s time to rethink water. Alkaline88® did.

8.8 Is The Magic Number

Alkaline88® isn’t simply H2O. It’s Purified Ionized Water, created to be perfectly balanced for your body with an 8.8 pH. (Hence, the 88 in their name.) What does that mean? Well, the praises of a higher pH have been sung by experts for years. Alkaline88® Water with a higher pH offers higher hydrogen, which translates to greater hydration. And that translates to more effective workouts, healthier bodies and cleaner living. It’s also been suggested that a higher pH improves digestion and increases energy. With that in mind, Alkaline88® is a smart choice. Because shouldn’t you be getting the most out of your water?

Having Good Taste

But chances are, when you reach for a water, your first thought likely isn’t its pH; you’re thinking taste. Fortunately, all-natural, simple Alkaline88® makes flavor the priority. Enhanced with Himalayan minerals and electrolytes and no chemicals, Alkaline88® offers Smooth Hydration®, with light and refreshing taste and none of the bitterness often found in other alkaline waters. And, just like a higher pH, great taste leads to better hydration. Why? Well, you’re definitely going to want to drink more of the water with a clean, fresh taste than the water that doesn’t.

Taking Responsibility

While you’re looking after your wellness, Alkaline88® is looking after the environment. Packaged with sustainability in mind, all Alkaline88® products — from their one-gallon bottles to their one-liter sports bottles to their 500 ml on-the-go bottles — are made from responsible, cruelty-free, BPA-free, PET #1 recyclable plastic and aluminum bottles. Because focusing on complete wellness should include both ourselves and our planet.

Wellness for the win-win

A commitment to wellness is all about choices: how we exercise, what we eat, and definitely how we hydrate. With its uncompromising process and standards, Alkaline88® Purified Ionized Water, is the ideal choice for getting the most out of your water.

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