Resp Immune and Kid E Kare C Plus and OregaCinn

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Resp Immune and Kid E Kare C Plus and OregaCinn

North American Herb & Spice has noted the public’s desire to protect the Immune and Respiratory systems without sacrificing taste.  Their mission is to maintain purity and potency, while being designed for everyday use. This means no additives, fillers, chemicals, colors, artificial flavors, or added sugars are involved. The final product should be preserved by nature alone.

Mother’s Market offers you three new products that achieve this purpose to perfection. Each product is a two-ounce liquid bottle for easy-to-use drops under the tongue.


Kid-E-Kare C Plus

The first one, Kid-E-Kare C Plus, is a 100% real food sourced vitamin C product with no synthetic ascorbic acid.  It is sourced from wild Peruvian Camu Camu berries and Acerola Cherries, two foods with the highest naturally occurring vitamin C in nature!  Camu Camu has 40x the C of oranges.  Only the healthiest sweeteners are allowed for improving taste.  C Plus contains raw and wild clover honey from bees never fed sugar, building on the immune support.



Next up is OregaCinn, which is an Oreganol p-73 immune formula made just for children.  It is gentle and easy on the palate, yet potent. Wild oregano is the main active ingredient.  Delicious goldenberry syrup, rich in vitamins A and C, along with sweet Amazonian yacon, and cinnamon mask the spicy taste of oregano and add extra Immune and digestion benefits.  OregaCinn can be used by children every day and adults enjoy it too.



Resp-Immune is the final genius formulation from NAHS.  It is based on a wise, ancient recipe of mountain-grown wild oregano and honey, single-origin Turkish black seed oil, and juniper berry.  This respiratory and immune support invention is versatile. You can take it proactively to maintain good health or add to your routine while in a greater state of need.  Resp Immune shines as a repair formula.  Going through physical trauma to the body is exhausting and when you need it the most, Resp Immune supports the strength and vitality of your lung tissue, bronchial tract, and overall Immune system.  The raw and wild honey with juniper matches perfectly with oregano and black seed for a delightful experience.


Children ages 3 and up can enjoy the benefits of all three products.  Natural supplements should always be 100% in balance with nature.  Everyone deserves a clean, unadulterated experience providing best results.  Palatability is critical for the end user so that more individuals will be inclined to consume.  Above everything, ingredients must be sourced and manufactured with careful attention to preserving ALL active health promoting compounds.  It is for these reasons the products at North American Herb & Spice are so effective and ideal for people of all ages and backgrounds.  All three are portable and easy to travel with for your active lifestyle.  To support an uplifting quality of life, take the Resp Immune, OregaCinn, and Kid E Kare C Plus and experience nature at its finest. Find North American Herb & Spice products including these three at your local Mother's.


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