OCA Plant-Based Energy Drink

Friday, April 23, 2021

OCA Plant-Based Energy Drink

Written by OCA

Spring is here! Ready to enjoy something new? We certainly are!

This spring, launch yourself into a Brazilian state of mind with OCA. Straight from the Amazon rainforest, OCA is a plant-based energy drink. 

All-natural and powered by tapioca which is an extract of the cassava root and 120mg of natural caffeine, equivalent to one cup of coffee that helps in providing long lasting sustained energy with no crash or jitters. It keeps you moving to your natural rhythm, all day long in a flavorful refreshing way. Can’t get any better than this. Or can it?

Organic, vegan, naturally sweetened, and flavored with the most delicious fruits native to the Amazon rainforest, it may be enjoyed in Berry Acai, Guava Passionfruit, and Mango flavors.

A perfect one for everyone; OCA Berry Acai is bubbly, light and sweet-tarty while OCA Passionfruit Guava has a smooth, lush and bright-tart flavor and OCA Mango is sweet, refreshing and juicy. Amazing flavors to try and enjoy. 

If you are a life enthusiast, just like we are, this season, is also time to enjoy the outdoors, get a little curious, have a new experience, go on a new adventure, and have some fun. Might even be good time to put yourself out there and try a new activity. OCA is here to go with you and provide you with the clean energy you need. Whether you like running, cycling, yoga or weight training or anything else, let the power of tapioca help achieve your every goal. 

Enjoy OCA for that good kind of energy in the way nature intended and find your natural rhythm. Tudo Bem! (it’s all good.) Find OCA at your local Mother's.

For more information on OCA, visit www.drinkoca.com and follow us on social media in Instagram at Drink_OCA and on Facebook at DrinkOCA.

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