Dr. Formulated Fish Oils by Garden of Life

Monday, January 11, 2021

Garden of Life Non-GMO Fish Oils

Garden of Life is excited to launch Dr. Formulated Fish Oils this summer, which are all single-sourced, oils that are fully traceable, and are the first ever Non-GMO Project Verified fish oils, including an algal DHA oil.

Innovation is necessary in the Natural Products Industry. New science is constantly emerging and technological advances allow Garden of Life to create better products. We didn’t create a product and then find a supplier. We looked for a supplier, but when we found that this kind of supply chain didn’t exist, we created one. By reverse engineering our supply chain, we produced something truly different.

Starting with new technology on the boats, utilizing the most sustainable single-sourced raw materials, we pioneered the most advanced extraction technologies, while keeping the entire line Non-GMO and earning the most stringent certifications in the fish oil industry such as Marine Stewardship Council and Friend of the Sea.

First we revolutionized how our Alaskan Cod Liver Oil is produced by freezing fish directly on the boat to retain freshness and ensure naturally occurring nutrients are present in our finished product including DPA, SPMs, and naturally occurring vitamins A & D (not spiked with synthetics). Often called the “missing omega” in the body, DPA can uniquely convert into either EPA or DHA when levels are low, while offering a host of major health benefits in its own right. Emerging science is also showing the importance of SPMs (Specialized Pro Resolving Mediators) to protect the body by resolving normal inflammation. We are proud to show the presence of SPM in our product, which is typically lost during traditional high temperature processing. 

Garden of Life’s single-sourced  Non-GMO anchovy oil is 100% traceable, produced through a state of the art process which is completely closed-loop,  yielding a whole-fish profile of nutrients including high levels of Omega 3s and SPMs. We are not using any blends of oils in these new products because oil blends cannot be produced in a closed-loop system that is free from exposure to oxidation.

We also pioneered the first-ever Non-GMO Project Verified Algal Oil which is far more stable than conventional algal oils which have all been genetically modified up until now.

For the entire line we’ve not only sourced a Non-GMO softgel, we’ve also ensured that every step in the production avoids GMOs, including our unique preservative system. Our bottles are even made of Post-Consumer Recycled Materials!  

Lastly, we wanted to ensure that a percentage of all of our product sales was being re-invested into ocean cleanup so we partnered with three different organizations. So, when you buy Dr. Formulated fish oils you aren’t just making an investment in your health, you are also making an investment in ocean cleanup.  


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