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Monday, April 12, 2021

Joyous Organics

Written by Crystal Joy & the Joyous Organics Team

Springtime! The days are getting longer, plants are getting ready to sprout and bloom, and in this annual time of rebirth nature shows us all a thing or two about resiliency. Here in the high Sierra’s the deers and bears will soon be roaming around amongst the wildflowers, sage brush, and pine trees, while the hearty little Chickadees whistle their famous “cheeseburger” call. Many years at the Spring Equinox there is 15 feet or more of snow covering the ground still above 8,000 feet where we are at, with even more the higher up you go. Yet, even with conditions that seem so uninhabitable, nature is always at work making sure that this year is no different than the ones in the past. Not long after all that snow is gone is when the magic becomes apparent.

If you have never been to the Sierra’s in the Spring, it is a vision of meadows filled with gazillions of the tiniest wildflowers imaginable, most smaller than a pinky toenail. All these tiny flowers clustered together on the various bushes and vines they grow on combine into an array of colors that eventually gives way to forests and towering snow covered peaks. Scurrying around under the cover of these spectacular flowers are some animals that might surprise you, given the amount of snow mentioned before. Reptiles like the Great Basin Fence Lizard or the Rubber Boa which my kids love to try to catch. Even Pacific Tree Frogs can occasionally be seen hopping about. With only about half the year suitable for these little critters, it’s always amazing that they are here in the first place. But, nature knows best.

For countless millennia, mankind has benefitted from the wonders of nature through our use of various plants based on their unique benefits to us. Obviously, we consume a lot of plants in our diets, and most of us are aware that the higher quality of food we eat, the more nutritious it is for us. But, how often do you think about providing that same kind of nutrient rich food to your skin? Probably not often enough given that your skin is your body’s largest organ and the one most exposed to everyday environmental hazards. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in. Unfortunately, most “skin care” products are full of a long list of hard to pronounce ingredients that include preservatives and other additives. Not exactly what nature had in mind for us.

With so many wonderful natural remedies available, I used to always wonder why there were so many unrecognizable words on the labels of the products we use to care for our bodies and why it was so hard finding anything with just simple organic ingredients. It seemed like such an easy concept, having only pure natural ingredients in something we use daily like deodorant. Yet, it seemed impossible to find. Unsatisfied with what was available, I created my own products for my family, friends, and now you using only good for you Organic and non-GMO ingredients. Joyous Organics uses the simple concept of providing healthy, nourishing ingredients that are better for you and the environment. Just as nature intended and available at your local Mother’s Market and Kitchen.

We hope everybody has a wonderful and fruitful Spring! ~Crystal Joy & the Joyous Organics Team


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