The Importance of Dental Hygiene

April 16th 2016

Hosted by Kimberly King with guest, Dale Audrey Ungar. They'll talk about oral health and how it relates to your overall health. Ungar has over 35 years of clinical experience and has developed a unique, natural oral care line of products you can find at

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Hello, I'm Kimberly King, and welcome to the mother's market radio show, a show dedicated to the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the human condition. On today's show, we focus a lot on this show about what to eat, but today we have a new angle about what's in your mouth and how that relates to your overall well-being, it's your teeth, and today we'll tell you what kind of oral Fitness you can do to keep those pearly white signing and healthy. Plus later. We'll tell you what's going on around town. But first, update Audre younger is a self-described oral fitness coach. Dale graduated in 1983 from the dental hygiene program at Miami Day College. from 1985 to 1989, she practiced and taught dental hygiene in Florence, Italy, then returned to the US to practice dental hygiene and began formulating her natural oral care line as the daughter of a period dentist with 30 years of clinical hygiene under her belt. Dale fulfilled one of her life goals three years ago by purchasing a motor coach and hitting the road armed with her all natural product line and a passion to serve and educate consumers about the importance of their oral care, and we welcome her to the mother's market. Radio show, how are you?

Great, thanks for having me. Thanks for being here, and why don't you fill our audience in a little bit on your mission and your work before we get to the show's topic. Well, the mission of my company is really to educate the consumers on the importance of oral care and how it relates to whole body health and just make things really effective, affordable and more natural, Emery anti-chemical and everything in the dental office pretty much bothered me because it was so chemical, so I always try to think about how to make it better, more natural, and to really make it effective and help people prevent things rather than trying to fix things after they already happened that have... Perfect.

So today, that's great. Today we're talking about oral fitness and how important it is to take care of your mouth, and I guess what is oral care and why is it so important for our whole body care?

Well, it seems that recently people are just discovering that the mouth is attached to your body, but really that's where the disease starts, because if you have a disease in your mouth, it's obviously the bacteria from your mouth is gonna travel through all the organs of your body, and gum disease really goes a lot undetected because it doesn't really have a harsh warning signs and symptoms, so they're very... They're not painful things, it's not like you're gonna run to the dentist with pain like a tooth take from a cavity or needing a renal, so it goes misdiagnosed a lot of times, and then a lot of people have a big fear of going to the dentist in the first place, for many reasons, pain, finances, and so it just... It's something people tend to put off more so than any other kind of doctor, plus it's inside you, so people can't really... Other people can't see what's going on and only you will know if you're having something, so those are the reasons why they go undiagnosed and untreated very often.

And that's so true. I think a lot of people have the fear of the dentist, including myself, I know that, and I've had so many issues and now, and it really does kind of carry down the line a lot, I think... Well, you know, being a daughter of a period honest, and I think it's... So kudos to you, congratulations for recognizing that, and then taking that to the next level with all of the chemicals, and then recognizing that what ailments are associated with poor oral hygiene?

Well, there's heart disease, there's pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, there's so many diseases now that they're correlating, 'cause like I said, it's that bacteria that travels through every part of your body, so they're just coming up with all these scientific studies now that all these other diseases are coming from gum disease or... From poor oral hygiene.

So there's a long list, but basically, most people know about heart disease and things like that, so I said that one's probably the most prevalent, but... Can you break it down a little bit with that? So with heart disease or pancreatic cancer, for instance, so how does that detect in with gum disease or was there just... They're finding the bacteria in plaque is basically the same bacteria found in heart disease, so the plaque in your heart is actually the same plaque and bacteria that's actually coming from your mouth.

So smart dentists would notice that and say, Oh wow, something is going on here, or is that where that's discovered or how... Well, a lot of times it doesn't happen like that, I would say, for instance, if you're going in for a surgery, they're gonna like heart surgery, they're gonna make sure that your dentist will sign off that you don't have gum disease because they're performing a surgery that may affect the condition or the plan of the surgery, they're gonna make sure that you don't have any gum disease so that it doesn't inhibit the success of any surgeries.

Okay, so I would say it's your other doctor more so than the doctor, the dentist saying that you're gonna develop something, it's already had the problem and they bring it back to, is it coming from your mouth... Okay, so what sense... Yeah, that I understand what you're saying.

Going back to gum disease, what are the signs and the symptoms of gum disease, so on early on, 'cause there's different stages of gum disease, the first sign may be bleeding occasionally, and that's not every day, because if your gums are bleeding every day, your teeth are ready to come out, to be honest with you, if your gums are bleeding often, once in a while, that's a warning sign, a bad taste, bad odor is another sign, obviously, as the stages go on and get more serious, you might see pus coming out from under the gum, while if you push on it or just having it in your mouth and your teeth don't really get loose to us, I know it's got a A... No, I'm sorry, it's early in the morning.

But that's okay.

Yeah, so and then your teeth will get loose and you don't even feel it, 'cause I've had many people come to me and I say, You know, you're too does a lot, or this or that. They have no idea.

And then I've had people there, I've had to clean their teeth and literally hold their teeth in their mouth, Wallin cleaning is so they don't come out to an end, the Italians... So sad, it's sad.

Well, sometimes it's a bridge together by tartar, that Tartar is actually holding the teeth in, sorry to... But now, literally, I was holding it together and then when you clean it, they're really loose, so it's really... You know, we're all checking our teeth right now... Right.

We're all going, Oh my gosh, I hope that's not me. But that's it. Again, it's a call to action has to realize, Oh my gosh, I... And a lot of people won't go get their cleanings frequently, and because the fear and whatnot and how frequent should we get cleaning... Well, typically, you're supposed to go every six months for cleaning, so I've developed a technique and a routine that if you really do the right procedures at home, you can really help yourself, 'cause I made a lot of people that are going for three times a year, and quite honestly, if you're doing the right things at home, you shouldn't have to go that often, that's my opinion, so something's wrong, that if you have to go three or four times a year, every six months should be adequate for cleaning. Okay, and I would imagine that we'll probably talk about that, about what that home care looks like flossing in with everything else it... We can go into that.

Is Come disease contagious? It is, it is contagious. So I've had husband and wives come to me and one part of the couple would be lazy or what not, and I would tell the other side of the family, try to get them to be motivated because it's contagious where it was very serious. If it wasn't that serious, I wouldn't kind of alert them in that respect, but some people would get so mad and angry that it's contagious, and I was obviously insulted them for some reason, I don't even know why, but it is contagious, and so it is important that the person that's with you is taking care of their mouth too, because if you're so into what you're doing and you're perfect and you're with someone that's not... They need to know Exactly digester vice, right? Exactly, exactly.

Oh, wow. Well, that I didn't realize that it is contagious, but also so before you go out, you have to make sure your partner's flossing, that's the first question you should ask somebody now and didactic.

It should be part of it. Right, right. The dating app, I guess, right?

At swipe, right? Left and flashy are your products so unique.

My products are really unique because they're really effective, and so I'm just not another dental product on the shelf from just another company that's just trying to get into business. My products really do work, and I have it broken down step-by step, really what to do because for some reason, an oral care people kind of get lost, there's so many good advertisements on the market and with two pace and marines, and there's just so much out on the market, that people just get obliterated with information and they can't choose between What should I use, what to patient I use, but I mean, it's crazy. So I try to simplify things and make it very, very easy, and I almost break it down, almost like if you watch your facial care, your cleanser, your toner, your moisturizer, it's the same thing in dentistry, but people don't think that way.

So I make all my products with the highest quality ingredients, and besides the formulation, it's the technique of doing everything, 'cause even you floss three times a day, and if you're not getting the right angle and not doing it properly, it really... You're not doing yourself any good, so I try to show people the right way to do things with the right products, and that I think is key, because if you don't have that instruction, I will show people... Tell people, Okay, I can tell people all day long how important flossing is, and I can show them in their mouth, but when I hand the flow back to them and say, Okay, now you show me what I just showed you. They can't do it.

So it's important to put something in the person's hand, and obviously, I'm fortunate enough to when I go out and demonstrate, I will take instruments or my games or for instance, and put it in the person's hand and actually have them feel what I'm doing when they're doing it because that makes the whole world of a difference, and that's the difference between 1000 worth of treatment, going back for deep cleanings and really understanding what you're doing, and that's where a lot of... I think that the professional part, we get lost as being a professional, you have to take the time with your patients and really make sure that they understand what you're saying instead of just talking... Because we all have this image like if you go to the doctor, of course we want textbook perfect all the time, of course, you should have a five-unit bridge, you should have Latinos or implants, but that's not always the case, you have to be realistic and give people choices, and let them decide what's good for them, and so I've always been very cognizant of making sure that people choose the right procedure for themselves with their budget and making them feel really comfortable because dentistry is a subject where people just... Nine out of 10 people are just very uncomfortable with it, so my products are also geared 'cause I do different types of cleanings in the office, that's how this all started to make people relax first because when you're relaxed and in your chair, you're a completely different person. Most people, nine out of 10 people, will come into the... The first thing, they're so stressed out, so they don't hear you, they are scared, they just are out of it, so my whole technique is different, my whole way of treating people on touching people and talking to people is completely different than other people, and fortunately, my father who has a very eccentric personality would always make people laugh and comfortable, so I got that from him too, because he was in such a... He has surgery on people and people... Sometimes you can spend all this money, go through all this pain and you lose your teeth anyway, so he really helped me with that. He really was a big part of my life for that.

I was gonna... And detect that I can see that.

You can feel it, I can't.

No, I think that's really nice. And I think with what I was gonna say about what you were just communicating is I think it's nice that you kinda give it back to what you've learned from your father, but I think what's nice also is you let the teacher and you has come out and you give it back to the patient.

And that's a really nice way to communicate. So kudos to you, and I think this is wonderful what you're doing, so... Congratulations.

Great, interesting information. And right now, you have to take a quick break.

So more in just a minute. With DAL, don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

And welcome back to the mother's market radio show. And we wanna remind you that if you've missed any portion of today's show, you can find us on iTunes by searching mother's market or download the show from our website, mother's market dot com, click the link for radio and listen to the past shows, plus download our Healthy Recipes and money savings coupons, all available at mother's market dot com. And now back to our interview with Dale Audrey, and we're talking about oral fitness. And this has been so interesting, I have a million questions for you, but I have to stick to the script.Tarsier, going back to why, what are some things that you can do to prevent some of these issues that we've been talking about?

Well, the best thing to do is to make sure that you're in a routine that you can stick with, and so that's why I try to simplify what you do with my product is if you can stay consistent, consistency is key.

So if you can't floss every day, I get it, some people can't flow at all, some people can't hold the floss, some people can't get their fingers in their mouth, so there's other things you can do. There's combinations of things, but my role and what I notice in clinically speaking is that if you do something at least three times a week, you're really gonna see a difference, so I try to accommodate everybody's routine accordingly to their needs. And I can tell you exactly specifically what's the best to do, but if you stick to something at least three times a week with my products anyway, you'll definitely see a difference and sometimes... Well, definitely in three days, but if you're doing it every day, you'll feel different the next day, so that's basically... Well, and again, I mentioned to you that with your products, and I think with obviously with your background and being the daughter of perio dentist, I mean you obviously know what works, and I think that's what makes your products work as well, so what age should children start visiting the dentist, trento start visiting, I would say about two or three years old. When their teeth come in, when they have their dentition, because a lot of parents wait and they end up bringing their children when they're in pain and have a problem, which is the actual actually the worst time to bring your child, so they're traumatized for life because that's... Horrible. And a lot of... There needs to be a lot of education to teach parents too, not to put their babies to bed with bottles that write their teeth that night, if we even with juice, even if it's juice because juices high and sugar, it just will destroy the enamel on the teeth and then they're Masaru in, so they have icons on their teeth when they're young, and it's just a horrible thing, so I always just try to get them there quick and just have a good visit, just have the teeth polished and have someone spend the time and just make them feel comfortable because that's the beginning of the rest of their life with that kind of experience, so if you wanna make it as positive as possible, so as an alternative... So for new moms out there, what should they do when they're putting their babies to bed with a bottle or they shouldn't... And all of water or water best because it will clean the mouth, you don't really wanna put a Hayden on both, even though it's easy for you, it's not good for the child. In the long run, it's gonna be much more difficult for you... Yeah, the payout will be much... Exactly.

Let's talk about pets. World care for pets.

Yes, we have a few products to... For pets, because it is very important, dogs and pets, they have T2 and they can die from gum disease and things like that, it's very expensive also to get your... Your pet's teeth cleaned, and a lot of people don't do it because of that reason, or they don't wanna put them under general anesthesia to have it done, so a lot of pets suffer and unfortunately, it's a lot of things... A lot of people don't floss your teeth every day, and a lot of people definitely don't brush our dog's teeth every day. But it is something that people should be aware of, that it's very important for their pet.

Yeah, and then even go into, if we don't brush their teeth, going to the vet doing that titrate, pet can't obviously do it themselves, so... This is something I've never heard of before. oil pulling.

You never had, I've never heard of. Okay, what is that?

Well, it's a really big buzz going on now, but basically, oil pulling is the irate philosophy, which is Eastern Indian... It's a Eastern Indian philosophy of pulling oil in your mouth, and they believe if you swish oil in your mouth for 20 minutes every day, that it will actually detox your body and pull toxins out, and so that's the philosophy. That's where it really comes from. And so I have a formula, I'm modernized it. So if you don't switch for 20 minutes, it's not playing oil, so it's mixed with herbs and extracts, it has name and has maclagan extract of a regular, so it's much higher in antibacterial antiseptic properties than just plain oil, which is what the Aventis use, mostly saami. And a lot of people have heard about coconut oil, there's a big buzz on coconut oil, but truly the IRA Vedic Sesame, and so that's why my formula has mostly sat me, but there was a book written on coconut oil, the miracles a coconut. And so that went viral. But truly, it is sesame, and that's why I stick to Sesame, but the other ingredients in it are so much higher antibacterial antiseptic properties, so if you switch my formula 30 seconds a minute or two, you're still gonna have a benefit, so you can always do 20 minutes 'cause that's their philosophy, they've been doing it thousands of years, and the longer you swish it, the better, but my philosophy is clean or mouth clean or body, they're scientific studies to prove that, and so that's why my formula, it's very different than all others, because I'm a person that has to see clinical things and feel clinical, clinical things from my formulas and it's really interesting and the consistency is quite different, and that's why I really like people to try it all the time, and at the booth, you can come by and try and after 30 seconds of using my formula when you spit it out, your mouth feels like... You just brushed her teeth.

It's really, really incredible. And when I first started my line and thought about all my products, I wasn't even gonna include in methane, because for me, I never see a difference with people in my practice that use math rants and don't use Math rents, and if I don't see it or feel it, I'm very skeptical. I don't believe it, I don't care what you tell me. Or I have to see it and feel it to believe it, and when I heard about oil pulling eight years ago, I tried the plane oil, that's what it is, and after I used it, my mouth felt really felt a lot cleaner. So I was like, it felt clean, but it wasn't enough for me, and that's how that came about, and I also wanted to add flavoring in it because plant... Very palatable.

So I made different flavors, I tried to make industry a little bit more colorful and exciting, so I always have a lot of great flavors, I have cinnamon, ginger, mint, bubble gum, so I just try to make it fun and appealing for all ages and all type of people, but it's almost like lotion in your mouth, it's very interesting, and it will help a dry mouth because it's the consistency and what it is, and it also helps to take irritations, it's just really good for gum health, and it's just, in my opinion, so much better than mouth, and it's mostly water or alcohol and chemicals or a combination of that because it's not water-based, it's really, really cleansing, more like perfume as to other toilets like that. It's really, really nice to... It has multiple benefits and I engraving good, right. And I think as the mouth rent, I think as you were saying, would probably dry your mouth out too, but this is the oil-based and... Oh, that's a... That's a good... That's good to know. I'm gonna come by your booth and try that out, what ingredients are people that people like or dislike in oral care products?

Well, I would say to the people that I interact with in the more natural minded community, people are very anti-fluoride, they don't like florid, fluoride in high levels is toxic, there's many results in many tests on that. fluoride is beneficial because there's many studies that it does help revitalize to structure and prevent cavities and decay, but a lot of people in the natural world don't like fluoride, glycerin is another thing, so I don't use fluoride in my teeth paste, I don't use glycerin, which is it actually prevents re-mineralization of the tooth, glycerin just prevents that, your body's natural defenses to fight off the Kone, something starts... So the tooth will actually try to re-mineralized itself, but if you're using a two place that has cluster and in it, it kind of defeats the purpose. So that's why I don't have clear in mind, and sodium loosely, I don't have that as well, or sodium, Laura Cole, my teeth face empowers are 100% chemical free, so I'm very anti-chemical because I've just been working in a world of chemicals, so I just try to do without... My opinion is, if you don't need it, why you can use it, and the result of shown because to be honest with you, it's not the tooth pass that's gonna get the plug of is a tooth brush, it's the toothbrush that removes the plaque. This is not the tooth paste, you can brush your teeth with a dry toothbrush and get the clock off, it's the mechanical motion that's gonna remove the plaque, because your body is always producing plaque. It has nothing to do with what you're eating. It's your body, it's like You produce saliva, so you have to know how to get it off properly once it's on... So that leads me to the next question, what is the best type of two brush to use mine?

So tell me about that as we have a quick SONIC to tharsis battery-operated, and it vibrates it 28000 brush dogs per minute.

Wow. And it's a fraction of the cost, 'cause mosaic brushes are in the 100 range, and that's one thing about my line is I try to make it very affordable 'cause it's all I've heard my whole life is everything so expensive. So expensive, so expensive. So our price manages 1495, 1495 heroic brush, which is great, and the head is small and purpose actually, so you can get back in areas that are really hard to reach, and plus if you push too hard with the bristles against the tooth, the bristles will stop. So you can't cause gum recession by brushing too hard, which is 90% of the people too hard, and that causes a whole slew of other problems, so what is gummer session and how can you prevent or fix it?

Well, the gamer session could be caused in several different ways, the most common way is from people brushing too hard, and just so people know, 'cause I'm just speaking, the gum tissue around the tooth is almost like the cuticle around your nail, there's a part that's unattached and that part that's unattached, if you brush too hard, you brush that away, so you end up missing that whole area, and so once that's gone, it doesn't come back and doesn't grow back, so a lot of people have to go through surgeries to have gone grafting and go put back, but if you're not getting to the root of the problem, then the problem is gonna come back again, so it's most likely it's from some brushing hard, 'cause people have a tendency to do that, 'cause you think the heart or the better... Which is not true.

Then, gum recession can also be caused from a bad bite, so if your teeth are not inviting the right spots, that could hit force trauma on the teeth, which cause inflammation of the ligaments, which was a recession, and then the third way that it could happen is from just having gum disease where you have so much harder on your teeth that it actually pushes the gum tissue down, but usually once that's taken off, the gums will come up a little bit and maybe not where they were when they were healthy, but... Or it could be a combination of all or two, so it depends... Or cavities reversible.

I get that question a lot, and a lot of people tell me that they do things and they think that it's reversed and the teeth will naturally help to revitalize itself, and there's... Sometimes there's a cavity that is so small and teeny that it won't get bigger so quickly and it can re-mineralized, but if he has big... Has a large cavity. Typically, those get bigger, so sometimes they wait and watch them when they're small, and I tell people to... A good way that you can determine whether you have a cavity and go to the dentist, you usually stick with it and explore to see if it's soft and sticky, if it's sticking, that's a sign that it's decay, so sometimes people... You don't know if you have to pay or not, that's a good way to do for yourself to that... Okay, not that you would do that yourself, I'm just saying when you go to the office at a dot, Don't do that, don't... Well, this has been fascinating information, and I could talk to you all day about all of this, but thank you so much for your time and some great advice, and we really appreciate your knowledge and look forward to having you on next time, but in the meantime, you can get more information on your website. It is Dale, Audrey dot com, and I'm gonna spell it out. D-A-L-E-A-U-D-R-E-Y dot com, and we look forward to your next.

Anything, thanks for listening to the mother's market radio show and for shopping at mother's market, the advice and informational content does not necessarily represent the views of mother's market and kitchen, mother's recommends consulting your health professional for your personal medical condition.