Coloring Your Hair the Natural Way

May 19th 2017

Hosted by Kimberly King with guest Chloe Hazel, who serves as the National Educator of Tints of Nature USA. Tints of Nature offers an alternative, natural way to color your hair. Hazel will talk about how to naturally color your hair while avoiding the damage from using harsh chemicals.

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Hello, I'm Kimberly King, and welcome to the mother's market radio show, a show dedicated to the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the human condition. On today's show, if you've ever tried to color your hair, you know it's a challenge to get it the way you want and to keep it healthy, we'll get ready to learn all about how to color your hair the natural way, and later will tell you what's going on around town.

But first up, Chloe Hazel is the national educator for tens of nature, a natural hair color company based in the UK, who we started her career in hair dressing, progressing to the role of senior stylist within a highly successful natural inorganic salona structure UK.

During this time, she worked exclusively with tens of nature's sister brand of salon professional products, organic color systems, in early 2010, Chloe decided to return to her hometown in the south of England and pursue her career in education, at which point she joined the tens of Nature team and we welcome her to the mother's market radio show.

Chloe, how are you? I'm really... Well, thanks for having me.

Thank you for being here. Why don't you fill our audience a little bit on your mission before we get to the show's topic, so... So when I moved out of the salon business and I came back down to the south of the UK, I realized that there was this sense of Nature brand that was out there for consumers to educate them and to give them a more beneficial color for the reasons being, I found that some of my clientele in the salons, they had had traumatic experiences through a chemo, or they had just had an illness that had deteriorated all their proteins and their natural nutrients, so as a female, especially coloring or hair gives our area new kind of outward smile, and it makes us more confidence, so I just wanted to build information and knowledge to people at home that you can still color your hair at home, having beautiful color, healthier condition, and without using all the hard chemicals that we tend to find in conventional color and love that. I think that's wonderful. Then you're following your passion to... Today we're talking about the coloring your hair the natural way, so what is our natural hair color?

So our actual hair color is trying to take away from the conventional hair coloring ingredients list of saying, wherever possible that they may have a harsh chemical, we're trying to source a far more natural conditioning and kind of product to the hair, so employed... What does natural hair color... So a natural hair color, really, the best thing in life would be if we could completely be a natural Herculean would be to find that amazing version of a PPD or a PD, a color pigment and find the natural source, but obviously in the conventional color and in natural color, you still have to have a color pigment, but what we're trying to do is we're trying to ensure that whilst coloring your hair with chemicals that you may find in conventional, we're sourcing a more natural moisturizing and calmer substitute that will still allow you to get that permanent color.

So what are the different types of hair color... So the different types of hair color that you tend to find on the market, with the Hannah and the semi-permanence, they tend to coat the outside layers of the hair to give the color allusion where it doesn't necessarily change the permanent hair color.

And with our range, not only intensive nature, do we have eight semi-permanent colors, but our permanent range, which we have 24 into Mexico colors, it gives the consumer an ability to know that they can cover all of their needs. And again, as I was saying, with the ingredients that we bring into our brand, they're enabling them to say, Okay, do I want to just have a color which would be a semi, it could last only six to eight washers gives me that transition or I can change from one month to another, or with my permanent... And am I going in there thinking, Yeah, I want to parent ly either lighten or darken or even cover those Stefan grades that frost females. That's something that we really don't wanna be seen.

Absolutely, I'm right there with you on that.

So let's talk about the different from say a box of conventional color, like all those companies like Laurel and red long or something like that.

Sure, so with a conventional books color, what you tend to find is, for coloring to work, we have to have an ingredient, there is a high alkaline base, and what that tends to do is it opens the hair cuticles, and sometimes that can cause damage. So in the industry, what we're talking about is if you're using high amounts of ammonia or very high amounts of NEA, what you can do is it can cause damage to the hair, where you tend to find that the hair does not retain its shine, it doesn't feel as healthy and as soft as what it should do, and with tens of nature, we're always saying Have a healthier hair color, use TLC with your tender loving care and keep that and remembering that you can still have a beautiful color without causing all of the problems that sometimes a high chemical ammonia base or as we are saying, a high ethnic... Now, what we use is we use a naturally derived alkaline oil-based color that it's far more expensive to buy, but with tens of nature, we never go just on cost, so we strive to always give the consumer the best possible ingredients that we can achieve.

So again, with a conventional box color, what you tend to find is they have very high amounts of either PDs or PDs, now, these are the coloring pigments that actively go into the hair and start changing the hair itself.

We're really proud that we have the most minimal possible color pigments in the hair, and the hair color... Sorry, that's enabling that to have the Permanent hair change, and this is what we tend to find now that most people are starting to get allergic to, it's not necessarily the additive ingredient, it's the percentage of the color pigments.

Also with our calling range, you can find that if you have heavy chemicals, they are really aggressive to the hair, so what we work on is a much lower natural pH, what you're doing is you're not taking that had too far out of its comfort zone, and with certified organic ingredients, we have things such as aloe cahaba and Black Ops, which are a moisturizing property that help retain the kind of comfort of the hair, but also with green tea that protects the color, and also sunflower is a natural UV, obviously in places as beautiful as Sonam Rica, we need to be thinking they have are external sources that can constantly damage the hair on the color, that's a really good point, especially with the UV rays and the summaries there, but really also you're bringing up great points just for conditioning our hair and so I like that. How is it different? You're talking about the conventional color and just out of the box. How is it different from salon hair color?

So it's not too far different from salon hair color when we're talking about a conventional box color, all you tend to find is, again, even though their color range may be far more extensive, they don't necessarily have the ingredients or aftercare to reconstruct the hair. And we hear a lot of people now talking about people to have, if they're signing to go from a lighter colour to a dark color and change in it, we need to ensure that the integrity of that hair is suitable in order to do that. And again, with our ingredients list that we have with over 75% of certified organic ingredients, and on a whole 95% being a natural ingredient base, we're allowing the difference to not only be that we are a more conditioning base, but you can still achieve the great salon look, you can have funky colors, you can have beautiful blondes, but we're always keeping integrity of the hair key, and as we say with our ingredients that really are sourced ethically and their sources from local projects within the UK, we're trying to reduce carbon footprint as a company as well, we're trying to offer the client Costa salon service, but being able to do that at home, and you actually just answered one of my questions because you said something about the funky colors to the typical... The bonds of the ED, we just interviewed somebody from another show and she came in with pink car, and so we were wondering about that, which was... She looked beautiful, but we were curious to know if you offer to other colors, do we have an extensive range, which as we're saying that Intermix IBS, you can let your mind and creativity flow, and obviously with mixing them together, it means that you can get these special times that you wouldn't necessarily see straight away on that box, and we do have some great funky colors, especially when we're talking about a salon services, we do have a sister company that is organically stems. Obviously, with their extensive range, we get this funky-ness, but we found out that many consumers at home, they were wanting not just be on a basic Brown, should we say... So with the tines adding warmth, you can have your coppers in your beds, it's great for you then to allow your creativity to flow. I love that. That's wonderful. Can you talk a little bit... I also am hearing that your hair is protected, whatever those ingredients are, and I just wanted you to talk a little bit about that with what you were just telling us about protection... Yeah, and hair is beautiful, and you can't see it, the listeners can't see it, but I'm looking at yours and it's just beautiful, it's shiny and it looks so healthy.

Course. So when we're talking about the hair and the condition, what we try and bring back with tens of nature and our education that we try and give through all of our, obviously our great marketing, our website that you can always just log on to and have a look we've gotta think of a care package and a regime as how we can do it.

So for example, you were saying about my hair is a nice natural Brown, I shampoo and condition it like everybody else, but sometimes when I'm thinking like if I want to get more healthy physically, you go to the gym or you get a PT, you work hard at it... And with tens of nature, I do that the same at home, but I do it in my hair, so instead of going to the gym, I'll be thinking, Hey, my hair needs a little bit of a workout, I want to ensure that from root to tip, I've got great condition, and I'm not gonna commit when it's wet and half of the hair is gonna be in my brush and I'm having to pull out dead hit, so I just do my treatments twice a week, and we... Eater car range, we've got some great products, so we've not only got complete sulfate, foreshadows and conditioners, but we have treatments which are just like... If you think of it, a vitamin tablet or an intent short of nutrients, and for your hair, which is a beautiful blonde, tall me, for example, how would you protect your hair, what do you do at the moment? And your routine, probably not what I should be doing, but I think what I'm listening to, and that's what you have my attention because it is probably damaged from all of the NT, not the natural... You know what we don't know, right?

So if I was talking to you and you were looking at the tens of nature box says, and I thought, Hey, you've got a beautiful blond, but they could be in general, blends a little bit weaker 'cause when you've done it, you've called out... Or the nutrients, and you've tried to make it a lovely bright blinds, for example, we have a great protein spray that is made with certified organic Keno, and as I'm sure we know on a nutritional basis, that's a great source of protein, or we've got that for a hair treatment that penetrates into the hair and it basically reforms the structure bonds, so it is physically in proven that you can decrease your damage in your cortex or the inside of your hair by 26%, but you can also decrease the outside layers of your heart by 32%. Now, that's an amazing product that we were talking about, how can we keep in condition if you were doing that regularly to your hair, then you can change your colour one month to another, and you realize that actually, I'm thinking more in a natural basis, if I do healthy things to my body, and I do hear the things to my hair, I can change and be as strong as I want to be and see, and then my hair would actually grow and be thicker and has beautiful. You're like, you say, Well, this is interesting. We have to take a quick break. That we're gonna be back in just a moment. Don't go away, we'll be right back.

And welcome back to the mother's market radio show. And we wanna remind you that if you've missed any portion of today's show, you can find us on iTunes by searching mother's market or download the show from our website, mothers market dot com, click the link for radio and listen to the past shows. Plus download our Healthy Recipes and money savings coupons, all available at mother's market dot com. And now, back to our interview with Tintin, nature's Chloe Hazel, and we're talking about coloring your hair the natural way, so low... This is really interesting. But literally, I wanna know how does this work? This process, okay, so say for example, that we've purchased a beautiful tens of nature color and we're at home wanting to color our hair for the first time, so when we open the packet will find that we've got probably far more sass than what we've seen in any other brand, and this is because what we're saying is, rather than we give you a color with harsh chemicals in and that could cause damage to our hair, you'll find that there's a clarifying shampoo first, so with that shame, what that's gonna do is you're gonna shampoo here first, and it's going to reduce the residue build-up that you could have found has been building up with plastic and silicone with your previous Campos a condition arrange, and that starts to gently open the cuticles of your hair, so instantly we're reducing our chemical composition, and then with that, you'll find that you're gonna be putting for the first time a color onto pre-towered hair and your head will be thinking, Hey, this is really different, and that's not normally how it works, but it's a more gentle way, 'cause in theory as well, your hair's only going to accept the color at once and the color will penetrate deeper and thicker into the hair rather than... Again, we give you a very high Amana pH colour that could cause more cuticle damage, so with our gloves, you can apply the color to your hair, 'cause obviously we don't wanna put any color onto the rest for again, and then you're gonna just wrap it up in a cap, and you can walk around and let that develop for about 35 to 40 minutes, once that's done, you then just like a normal conventional color would have seen, we then rinse that off thoroughly with water and we'll go in with the shampoo, so the champion will take the product off of our hair, and then with the condition that we want to leave on for five whole minutes, that's a nice acidic conditioner, which has not got the silicone and plastic and as well with the shampoo, but it will naturally close those cycles down and that's where we get the color look, which is really unique, not only that we have a nice acidic natural base conditioner, but we naturally can have that color look without piling on the plastics and silicone, 'cause basically the doors and the hinders of your cuticles are closed, so that is keeping all the goodness inside the hair.

Wow. Oh, thank you for explaining that. And I think that's really fascinating. And again, that's the natural way, so can permanent color or semi-permanent color be applied to handed her... Well, because Hannah tends to effectively cover the keys, cools and cover the hair, we do recommend that you probably would avoid putting color on top of that unless you can ensure that all of that residue has been removed from the hair prior, so this would be... Because if you was put the collar on, for example, it can easily throw out unusual colors, she could find that the color on the box that you thought you would end up with, you could come out with some crazy color other than that.

And how long does it last?

So in general, Hercule, we could say that, Well, our hair color could last the same, if not even better, because it's all today with the condition of what it's going into, if the head that you're starting off with is in not very great condition, not AENEAS to reconstruct that Helio... Again, you could use our protein structure spray or you could use our hydrate moisturizing treatment, but the hair color would last a traditional six to eight weeks for a permanent range, and for the semi-permanent range, it could last anything up to four weeks dependent... As we say, the condition of hair, so it's really crush with the integrity of the hair, we're thinking about, like we were saying with the body, it could always be how strong is that base going to be first or to hold on to, and will it cover the grey, for sure.

That was like from... That's the question I've been wanting to ask you to Tatarstan, how many women just once covered in its gorgeous ly distinguished gentlemen, but hey, those natural highlights as women don't wanna be saying that a solute, it's got great, great coverage. This is a connotation that we hear in the industry, our natural hair color, it's really translucent, it's not any more so with a unique praenomina that no one else obviously can copy, we're so excited because not as we have the lowest amount of PPD s possible, which are these color pigments in order to cover the gray, but we're working on a more natural lower pH, they can go into those white hairs inevitably as to what they are, and they can fill up the hair, so for the eye, it looks like it's been covered... Across our board, as we were saying with the 24 permanent hair color ranges that we have, our end range, so for example, it could be... The number would be a 5 and or it could be in. And you can ensure that you're gonna get 100% permanent grey coverage... Oh my goodness, 100%. You can't get better than that. Right.

And how do I pick my seed of color?

This is quite hard for females, I think it's like if I was to say to you with your blood, you want to be a honey blond, golden, blond, platinum, blond. It's all really interesting. So here we take on not only physically, you would want to think of overly, your eye color, the tone of your skin, but when we're looking at a box color, how would you pick your shade, you would tend to pick it on what level of your head does it look like at the moment, so your natural colour, if it is a very dark brown, for example, and you want it to be a light blond, you would know that you would have to use an Lightner.

So with that, with our lightning kit or a highlighting kit, you can ensure that you can create from the Brant brunet that you are... Those gorgeous blown times.

Whereas when we're talking about, Okay, but I'm a medium brown and I want some red in there, you can go in with any color that would look the same level or darker being a mahogany or red, so it's quite easy to pick your shade color. It's just thinking first as to what in the product do so what products can lift your hair had by one level, or you can choose any haha darker, but if you're thinking, I wanna go maybe two or three levels lighter, that's when you would reach for that... Great highlighting kit that you can do at home, it's got some interesting little utensils inside, so you can make sure you're really placing those highlights where you want them, or you can do a full head lighter, and when we do the full head light now, there's no reason why, after that, you've got that beautiful bright base, you can go in with a funky color red and then you're even more electric and notifying... This would be really fun. Yeah, to just kind of play around and I was... Yeah, I wanted to know if it's already gonna lighten the original hair color that I have right now, will it... Will it... I guess that our... Yeah, we had to have a color range, obviously, that it would not only cover your grades, it would give you vibrant beds, and we had to not miss out the beautiful blondes and let's face it, once you've gone blown, there's not normally much going back. So with that, like we were saying, like it and highlighting it with that you're trying to think as well to condition, so you tend to find that your home after care would be ensuring that it's got the strength, you don't want a blonde that's gonna break. So we would be using our structure spray with protein along with the shampoos and conditioners to ensure that we're always working on that gentle natural pH of the hair. Very nice.

Yeah, I really love the whole part of that conditioning and just knowing that with the proteins in there that you're taking care of the hair as well, what if I wanna darken my hair color, so that's just as easy when many people are sometimes nervous about... But if you're 100% sure that you want to be darker, again, you would just look at roughly what your natural hell looks like at the moment, you would tally that up with the sharp chart that's on the box, and you could choose any number below that, and just go ahead and put that on. So it's just the opposite of it, it's just the opposite.

Some people tend to find, though, that if they're going to go dark or they may try first with a semi-permanent range, and when they're happy with that, they'll transition from a semi to a permanent, and then we talked a little bit about the highlighting the... Are highlights... So how does that work? Just if I just wanted to use the highlight without really coloring my hair, can I just use the highlights... Yeah, you can just use the highlights, so you just would... Again, you would preach, improve your hair first, and this is so that we're working again, on a low pH, you tend to find that in conventional color, lightning kits are a really strong, aggressive product 'cause they've got to do their job, they've got to go into the hair and pull out all those layers and layers of colors that you naturally find in hair, but with that as well, it takes a condition and it takes away proteins, so with our blondes, we're working on a traditionally less of a pH, that's because the main active ingredients we have in there is a roughly about two-thirds less aggressive, but it has added hydride wheat proteins as well now... Yeah, we are gluten-free. I can hear people thinking at the moment, you know I'm gluten intolerant. We're vegan-friendly, we're gluten-free, that's because of the hydration process, takes away the Clinton from that week.

So once that's on the hair, potentially our product can lighten their hair with a more gentle concept, but giving the end great result.

That's fantastic.

Is there anything special that I should take care of two of my own colored hair that I should do?

Indeed, that could be more important than choosing the right color, you can walk around with a beautiful color, but if that ruins your hair and you potentially can't have that beautiful blow out or you find that the colors failing so much, we really, really recommend you keep this as we were saying, it's the color Ajami that like we've been talking about, a great range of our shampoos or conditioners and our treatments and the treatment, they are not just glorified conditioners, we don't have silicone and plastics that quote the hair to try and hide away with the damage. So these are like we were saying, like a vitamin tablet, they are a nutrient for the hair, 'cause the hair is only made up of protein and moisture, so every time that client, they put a beautiful color on their hair, and we've got less PDs that most of the conventional brands, we don't want those little color pigments to start falling out of the hair, so the shampoo will cleanse the hair that's in our hydration or that we have... Then we've got those treatments that we wanna be doing twice a week, and there are 15-minute treatment so that they really can get into the inner cortex of the hair, and like we were saying, re-bond and reconstruct the hair, and then we're gonna close that goodness down with our conditioners, again, silicone-free of a natural pH of 35, it's so good because most of the brands, they tend to work on a higher pH, so again, we're just one of those brands, they're always striving to give the client's pair and the client's wellness of a better condition.

Excellent, well, thank you so much for your time and for educating us some great advice today, and we really appreciate your knowledge and we look forward to having you on again, but in the meantime, you can get more information about Chloe and the website is tense of nature USA dot com. We look forward to our next visit. Thank you, thank you.

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