Purpose-Driven Catering

We create customized orders that fit the needs of your party while keeping everyone's health in mind. Our catering items are cooked with USDA-certified organic fruits & veggies, plant-based options, sustainable meat & seafood, and a lot of love!

Like-Minded Partners

We believe in truth, beauty, and goodness - and so do our partners including Local California Farms, Rosie Organic Chicken, Santa Monica Seafood, Wild Planet, Better Life Organics, Organic Coffee, and many others.

A selection of Mother's products, from produce and juices to a bag coffee
A photograph of a grilled sandwich, chips, and a bottle of juice

Look Good, Good Lookin'

We want to make you look good. Hire Mother's Market & Kitchen catering for your event and rest assured we will deliver health, quality, and creativity.

Let's Make it Happen

Reach out to us and a personal catering specialist will contact you.
Let's create a remarkable experience together.


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