Introducing Mycrobiome: Premium Probiotics from Solaray

Friday, April 2, 2021

Introducing Mycrobiome: Premium Probiotics from Solaray

Solaray’s Unique/Innovative Probiotics

No two bodies are alike--neither are our digestive systems. That’s probably why it’s no surprise that probiotics have continued to fly off the shelves over the last five years. However, not all probiotics are created equal. In fact, without the proper pill casing, many probiotics dissolve in stomach acid and get destroyed before delivering the vital nutrients your body craves. 

We wanted to make the most effective probiotics for all different body types. Hence, we partnered with Dr. Raphael Kellman, M.D., to develop the Enteric Shield: the protective coating encasing each of our probiotic capsules. Each capsule is designed to withstand stomach acids and protect the valuable probiotics your GI tract needs to flourish and become the brightest version of you. All Solaray Mycrobiome formulas are guaranteed to contain the Enteric Shield.


Solaray Mycrobiome Was Co-Designed by a Leading Gut Health Doctor

Dr. Kellman, a Harvard medical school grad, was one of the first doctors to recognize the importance of the microbiome and insisted upon its health. As a gut health expert, Dr. Kellman’s written best-selling books on the subject and treats a variety of issues including gastrointestinal issues, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, and more. As a practitioner, he consistently advises each of his clients on the importance of optimizing microbiome health. However, each of his unique clients has different needs for optimal microbiome health. 

That’s why Dr. Kellman helped Solaray create multiple probiotic formulas, each uniquely-designed for differing and various health needs. Each of our Mycrobiome products is protected with Solaray’s patented Enteric Shield, designed to protect your probiotics from stomach acid digestion, allowing the CFUs (Colony Forming Units) to reach your digestive tract for optimal absorption by your body. 


Billions of CFUs Protected By Solaray’s Enteric Shield

From weight management formulas to age-specific needs, each Solaray Mycrobiome is designed with you in mind. The biggest problem with poorly-designed probiotics is that they get destroyed by stomach acid and enzymes. One of your body’s first lines of defense actually prevents the beneficial bacteria from getting to your GI tract where it’s needed! 

Solaray’s Enteric Shield allows for delayed disintegration of each capsule and is designed to withstand stomach acids and protect the valuable probiotics your GI tract needs to flourish and become the brightest version of you. All Solaray Mycrobiome formulas are guaranteed to contain the Enteric Shield.

So, which one should you choose? Which Solaray Mycrobiome formula is right for you?


Solaray currently offers eight different blends of probiotics, each as unique as you are.

1) Women’s Formula 

Solaray’s Women's Support Blend supplies 50 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) that help support all your unique health needs. Our probiotic strains may help support urinary tract and vaginal health, healthy hormone balance, as well as stress and mood

2) Urgent Care

Whether you’ve gotten gutsy with unhealthier foods or you’ve had to take an antibiotic, this formula exists for people who need help promoting  their microbiome.This powerhouse formula is packed with a whopping 100 Billion CFUs from 24 probiotic strains. It may help support a healthy digestive system and healthy immune function.

3) Men’s Formula

Designed for a man’s unique needs, this probiotic blend supports general health and wellbeing. Over 30 billion CFUs are designed to work in tandem to provide support for healthy hormone balance support, healthy sex driveprostate and colon health, as well as athletic performance and recovery

4) Adults 50+ Formula

As we age, our health concerns and needs become a bit more specific. This formula takes 30 billion CFUs from 18 probiotic strains and delivers a gut-punch pack of probiotics that help support healthy metabolism, colon & urinary tract health, and immune system

5) Weight Formula

Everyone’s “ideal weight’ is much more complicated than some numbers on the scale at your doctor’s office--or in your home bathroom. But for those of us working on achieving a healthy, target weight, this weight formula blend provides 35 billion CFUs from eight probiotic strains. The end result is a probiotic that may work in conjunction with your healthy diet, exercise, hydration, and sleep routine to support blood sugar, appetite, and sustained energy throughout your fitness journey.

6) Colon Formula

This special blend is designed to help your bowel function feel better than before. Providing over 50 billion CFUs from 18 strains of probiotics that are known to colonize in your GI tract, this colon formula is a perfect recipe for anyone searching for gastrointestinal wellness and intestinal and colon health.

7) Mouth and Throat Formula

This formula is a perfect fit for anyone looking to spice up their oral routine and support a healthy oral and immune function. Yes, this blend features 5 billion live cultures--but most importantly, it contains the probiotics S. salivarius BLIS K12 & BLIS M18. These unique probiotic strains have been clinically studied for their promotion of oral health, ear, and throat immune health properties. In fact, BLIS M18 may help prevent the formation of dental plaque.

8) Pre and Post Natal

Designed for moms who follow their instincts after delivering their babies, the probiotic formula is designed for both your health and your child’s. It features a unique blend of probiotics that have been researched for their ability to support expectant mothers and those who have just given birth. 25 Billion CFUs from 24 probiotic strains help provide fertility supportpregnancy wellnesslactation health, and mood. Let your motherhood reign supreme.


Find the nearest Mother’s Market and Kitchen store to purchase these products and more from Solaray.


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