The (FUN)ctional Way to Boost Your Gut Health This Winter

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Poppi was born from Allison’s relentless pursuit to build the perfect healthy soda — one with full flavor, real digestive health functionality, and clean ingredients that are good for you. In 2015, she started having a variety of health problems and discovered that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) could reset and naturally detox her body, improving everything from her gut health and immunity to refining her complexion. She started drinking ACV every day, and within two weeks, all of her symptoms subsided. It was life changing, but there was an issue – drinking ACV alone had a less appealing taste.  Allison went to her kitchen and began experimenting, working around the clock to create a better tasting ACV beverage made with real fruit juice. The goal was simple, keep it healthy and make it taste amazing. The result was poppi!

Apple cider vinegar is notorious for its horrible taste.  Allison then knew her next mission would be to make it as tasty as possible. If she was going to continue with the regiment, she had to make it an enjoyable experience. Being that Allison loves to spend time in the kitchen, she knew that she could accomplish this goal. Simply put, keep it healthy and make it taste amazing. Poppi’s tagline is “Fun(ctional) Prebiotic Soda For All” and we love that all ages can and do enjoy the delicious refreshment of poppi.  

Fast forward through two kids, and a Shark Tank investment (made while Allison was nine months pregnant – NBD), to today when their delicious soda can be purchased right here at Mothers Market!


Benefits of ACV:

Supports a healthy complexion

When your skin’s pH balance is out of whack, things go south. Poppi’s ACV helps balance your skin which can refine your complexion, stop breakouts and reduce inflammation. To think, a soda that helps your skin glow.

Detoxifies the body

None of us are perfect, and that’s OK because high-quality ACV is a detox powerhouse for your gut. Helps your body naturally reset from last night’s... not so great decisions.

Boosts your immune system

Listen to your gut. 70% of your body’s immunity begins with your gut, so we made it fun and easy to get the prebiotics your body needs and boost your immunity at the source.

Supports Digestion and Your Microbiome

Like all living things, probiotics need food in order to grow and thrive. We all have probiotics naturally occurring in our bodies, and prebiotics are a type of fiber our probiotics consume, giving them the fuel they need to do what they do best. In other words, prebiotics + probiotics = a happy healthy gut.

Supports Balanced Cholesterol Levels

What an overachiever. ACV has been proven to increase the good cholesterol (HDL) and decrease the bad cholesterol (LDL), contributing to better heart health.

Supports Healthy Metabolism

We’re all trying to get back the metabolism of our youth, right? Short of a time machine, ACV is the next best thing. As an appetite regulator and overall digestion superstar, it’s your metabolic miracle.

Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar

Good for now, good for later. Long-term consumption of ACV has been known to help lower and stabilize blood sugar levels which can reduce fatigue and increase energy levels. 


RECIPE: Holiday poppi Mules

You can find four flavors of poppi prebiotic soda at Mother’s Market- Lime Ginger, Blueberry, Raspberry Rose, and Peach Tea. Honestly, each one could be turned into a favorite cocktail (or mocktail!), however, this seasonal Holiday Mule from poppi is just what your gut needs and it ranks as our favorite!

Add your favorite holiday garnishes, such as cranberries or other fresh fruit to make it even more special this holiday season. Be Gut Happy, Be Gut Healthy this season!

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