Feel Great With No Effort - Tone With Tonics from Goldthread

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Feel great with no effort - tone with tonics from Goldthread

Although we resist it at times, we know that exercise is essential to our health. To have a healthy body that is strong and muscular, we have to do toning exercises regularly. When we take breaks or fall off the wagon, our strength and muscle tone will start to fade fairly quickly. So we all understand that consistent physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our muscles are not the only parts of our body that require regular toning to stay in shape. Just like muscles, the core systems of our bodies, and the organs that make them up, need daily toning to function at their best. We can’t train our nervous system or digestive system using weights or physical exercise, but there are habits we can create that do just that.

Medicinal plants have the unique ability to catalyze our organs and systems to function at their peak. The phytochemistry contained in these potent plants communicates directly with our core systems and causes them to become more efficient and effective. Sometimes just the flavor of one of these plants meeting the taste buds on your tongue is enough to catalyze a whole physiological response in your body. Tasting Italian spices in a rich marinara sauce will actually cause digestive enzymes to flow, inhaling rose essential oil sends a message straight to your nervous system to release happy hormones.

You don’t need to be a master herbalist to get these benefits, and your body requires them in just the same way as it requires exercise. Your digestion and sleep and energy and immunity are all just like your muscles, they need to be toned to stay healthy. You can get away with slacking sometimes, but your body will eventually show the signs of wear and tear.

Consuming medicinal plants is a daily habit in the healthiest and most long living cultures around the world. And the best part is that it’s easy and enjoyable. You’ll never want to fall off the wagon and just skip drinking a juicy tonic, or eating a savory spiced meal, or sipping a warm evening latte, or buzzing with your morning chocolate drink. Getting medicinal plants into your daily routine is delicious and makes you feel great inside and out.

There are tons of ways to play with these plants and make your own creations. When you’re in the mood to feel great with no effort, there are Goldthread Tonics. All 9 varieties were professionally formulated by a lifelong clinical herbalist to support the key systems of the body. They are refreshing and delicious and give you a full daily serving of medicinal plants in one bottle. With 14,000mgs of whole plants per bottle, you will be giving your body a potent dose of toning power. Relax with Lavender, Power up with Ginseng, cool inflammation with Turmeric and have rockstar digestion with Ginger. Keeping your body in tip top shape is easy and delicious. Find this brand at your local Mother's.

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